Dec 21, 2009

Fun with Bento Making (2)

This is second time the kids learn to make bento. Last time, I let them cut the cheese and decorate thier own sandwich; this time, I let them make the sandwich by themselves, with thier favourite cutters and I am only there to help.

I have five students this time, my nephew missed out the 1st session.

Again, scramble for nice picks and starts decorating thier bento.

Jonas's bento, which I think the nicest among all.

Isaac's bento, the only one who use Mickey cutter, his favourite Disney cartoon.

Samantha's bento, with most sandwiches in it. I realized that she loves Stitch, she made two Stitch sandwiches. (^_^)

Charmaine's bento. To match the bento box, she made Pooh and Piglet sandwiches.

Charlene's bento. Same as her sister, made Pooh and Piglet sandwiches, but side face of Pooh.

Let's have a group picture before putting the sandwiches into our mouth. (^_^)

My dining room was a mess after the session... But doesn't matter, as long as the kids enjoy (*_*).


mushims said...

Woooow the result are awesome. I still can't believe it made by choldren.. Good job kids!! and seems they are very happy when making it.. Two thumbs up for you..

Vanessa said...

Thanks Mushims, the kids will definately jump up when I tell them about your comment, so do I (*_*).


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