Dec 4, 2009

HK Day 5 ~~ Ocean Park ~~

Majority of the Hongkongers claim that if you go to Hong Kong and never pay a visit to Ocean Park, you are not conseder visited Hong Kong. Customer of my brother-in-law and the taxi driver who took us to our hotel said the same thing. The taxi driver even said two days for Disneyland is too much, three hours is sufficient. Whereas for Ocean Park, you will need one day.

We took thier advice, allocated one day for Ocean Park. My sister didn't join us as she has been there and she said it's not really fun to her, but it was few years back, probably they have enhance it. She alone shopped around Tsim Sha Tsui.

To reach Ocean Park, you need to take citybus 629 from MTR Admiralty Station Exit B. Not sure is it because that day was Saturday, the queue for the citybus was extremely long, I just can't imagine it. Luckily we had our entrance ticket bought at hotel, else, another long queue just to buy the ticket. Good thing was, they have few buses waiting there, so it only took us about 15 minutes to get in the double decker.

You might not believe me, the crowd in Ocean Park is 2~3 times more than Disneyland, maybe due to weekend, a family day for most of the people there. Again, the view from Ocean Park is nice as it is surrounded by sea. You can have spectacular views over Repulse Bay. We bought two buckets of fishes for the kids to feed the seals. They enjoyed it very much. We didn't take most of the rides there as it is too excited, hubby and I are too old to take it (>_<). We visited Sea Jelly Spectacular, Atoll Reef (a four-story aquarium) and also a 15 minutes dolphin show.

Honestly, I also don't find Ocean Park a fun park, luckily they have Sea Jelly Spectacular and Atoll Reef, which is fantastic, if not, really not worth the money I have spent for the entrance. The Sky Fair (hotair balloon) did not operate when we were at lowland as it very much depends on the wind level on that day. It really disappointed us as we can't find hotair balloon ride in Malaysia, although this is just a ride control by engine.

We leave Ocean Park quite early, around 5PM then met up with my sister again at hotel for dinner. According to plan, hubby and I suppose to go to The Peak. We changed our plan last minute as I still haven't experience Christmas feel in Hong Kong. People used to say, Christmas decoration is Hong Kong is gorgeous.

Last dinner in Hong Kong, we wanted to have something special for the kids, so that they have sweet memories on the trip. We went to Charlie Brown Cafe at Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. We all have good meal that night, the food there were delicious,
especially the cakes, not only in cute peanuts characters but also taste great. Isaac ordered two types of manggo cakes (his favourite fruit) for himself.

~~ Dinner at Charlie Brown Cafe ~~

We have a walked at Tsim Sha Tsui after the dinner with my niece. My sister went to Lady Street to get some souvenirs and also to buy curry fishball. We two love the curry fishball, it has "Q" texture. The Christmas decoration is grand in Habour City (a shopping mall selling branded goods). People even queue up to take photo there. Peninsula Hotel and The Salisbury - YMCA has nice Christmas decations too.

~~ Night Scene of Tsim Sha Tsui ~~

After a long night of sightseeing, we bought a manggo pudding from "Hui Lau Shan (许留山)", a famous dessert restaurant chain before we walked back to hotel. We have to walk back as we need to stop half way to buy a delicious waffle (鸡蛋仔). We reached hotel quite late that night, around 11pm, but Isaac insisted to have his last bathtub bath in Novotel. See, this is his condition after a bottle of milk..... (^_^)


Lia Chen said...

OMG ... definitely have to visit the Charlie Brown Cafe if next time go to Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing all great pictures, I would never know if not because of your posting.

~Rachel Hei~ said...

I love the Charlie Brown Cafe too, those food were adorable.. i am sure u guys enjoy the trip so much..^_^

小薰妈 said...

那个Charlie Brown Cafe很可爱叻!你有它的地址吗?我们下次有去香港一定要去一下!^^

Vanessa said...

Lia Chen, you are most welcome. We love to share good things (^_^).

Rachel, yes, all of us enjoyed the trip very much. Probably because we didn't join tour, thus we can take our own sweet time in each places, no rush, and can explore to food we wish :)

G/F-1/F., Kok Pah Mansion,
No. 58-60 Cameron Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong

2/F, Dundas Square,
43H Dundas Street,
Mongkok, Kowloon,
Hong Kong

Shop Nos. G34, G47B-G48, G/F.,
Empire Centre, 68 Mody Rd.,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,
Hong Kong


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