Jul 31, 2009

Bento #54 - The House of Lovely Owl

I still have small portion of Swiss roll, so decided to try something special. This lovely owl family bento looks pretty easy to prepare, infact, it took me more than 1 hour **phew**. Everything was done free hands, the owls, eyes and beaks.... that's why it was time consuming. Job would be much more easier with the right tool ^_^ No cheese in my fridge, so I substitute it with egg sheet.

My poor little boy having flu. Hopefully he will still enjoy today's bento. Get well soon, my little prince!

Jul 30, 2009

Bento #53 - Smiley Snail

Feel like eating Chicken Floss Swiss roll. Travel all the way to Taman Desa, my favourite cake shop - RT House. No luck to eat, only left green tea, sesame, coffee and chocolate swiss roll. Isaac chose chocolate flavour.

So I decided to make snail bento for Isaac. Source of this idea is from shoppingmum - snail bento. Again it's a speedy bento, only nori cutting takes me more time. The eyes and cheek were cut from artificial crab meat. By the way, if you are looking for Carla Craft "Expression" puncher, one of the bento Mama - Arlene is selling it now. She got it directly from supplier. Do check it out, it is really useful in bento-ing.

You might wonder how I close the bento. This is how I close it, I removed the orange and push the snail down. It fits nicely in the Pikachu bento box. :) Where is the orange then? It's in my fridge, I just used it for photo snapping as the orange doesn't taste good.... ^_^

Jul 29, 2009

Bento #52 - Triangular Boys

It's a rainy day, so hard to get up from the bed. Ahh... we sleep in aircond room, make no different whether raining or not right? Kekeke... mentality issue. ^_^

Intend to make a naught cat, has already scratch it yesterday night. But this morning after cutting out the body, I have the feeling mission gonna fail again... kekeke... So end up, come out this --> Triangular Boy... @_@

Jul 27, 2009

Bento #50 - Round Egg Sandwich

There are various Japanese sandwich cutter available in the market. It seems like quite useful and easy to use, but the price to me is abit costly. Temporarily hold on first, if really need it, will buy later :)

If you also don't have the cutter and wish to make similar sandwich, you can take my idea. What you need is just a container with flat top so that when you press on it, it will hold the two breads tightly instead of cut it out.

Let me show you how I did it.

Imprint teddy bear face on the bread. Do not press to hard as it might cut out the bread instead.

This is how the bread looks like.

Spread some egg with mayo on another bread. The mayo egg I prepared yesterday night and stored it in the fridge.

Place the bread with teddy bear imprinted on the egg mayo. Put the container at the right position, then press the container hard.

Hold the container firmly. Use a knife to cut out the circle.

Simple right? Only three tools are needed.

Jul 24, 2009

Bento #49 - Playing with Sausage

It has been quite some time I didn't prepare sausage for Isaac. This is my first try to cut the sausages in shapes so that they look more attractive. I just tried out the simple design, you can actually use sausage to make flower too. I have kept aside my penguin sausage cutter as the result is not so conspicuous.

Pretty simple to do, follow steps as below. Sorry, didn't snap photo as I was running out of time this morning. Besides, I doubt that it will success or not :P
1. Cut the sausage into few parts and use a cutter to form a shape in the middle of it.
2. Cut some vertical lines at the outer part of the shape.
3. Place the sausage in boiling water and the shape will be prominent in minutes.

Have FUN!!

The octopus looks funny right? kekekeke... will try it once more :)

Jul 22, 2009

Bento #48 - Sushi Roll

Isaac loves sushi very much. Ever since I start making bento for him, he has requested me to make him sushi for few times, so I decided to make give a try.

I don't have bread roller, I replaced it with a ceramic mug because it is heavy enough to flatten the bread. You might doubt how I did that. Nevermind, if my prince request it again, I snap some photos to show you. If you have bamboo sushi mat, you can use that to roll the bread. But I don't have, I just roll it free hand.

Today's bento can consider as speedy bento as it only took me 20mins. I don't think you need me to tell you the ingredient right... (^_O)

Just FYI, seapack is ready to be eaten without cooking it. I found that it taste not nice after boiling it. So today I only scalded it with hot water.

Jul 21, 2009

Bento #47 - Little Biddy

Simply drop by 100 Yen Kuchai Lama yesterday night to check out any new arrival bento tools. Saw this bread cutter, quickly grabbed two packs without consideration (one pack for auntie Serene).

This morning I was very excited to try the cutter out. I chose rabbit cutter and planned to toast it. After got the rabbit cut out, I imprint the rabbit face on a wholemeal bread. Guess what, the face totally cannot be seen. I tried 2nd attempt, this time I pressed harder but still can't see anything. No choice, imprint the face on cheese, but this time I used biddy instead of rabbit because I want to reserve it for next try. Will definately try on white bread next time...kekeke

Only one slice of cheese left, can make two biddy. But one of it spoiled because pressed to hard... kekeke... Left one lonely biddy... sop..sop... No worry, I invited chicken family to accompany her(such a good idea :P).

Bento tools of the month

This month I have collected quite a number of new tools. All are from 100 Yen, Kuchai Lama & Taman Desa outlet. Intersted? Visit these two outlets ASAP before it is out of stock.....

Jul 20, 2009

3D Movie - Ice Age 3

Bento #46 - Aeroplane

What a relief after completed CTFL course & exam. That's the reason why I don't have new bento posted last week. Didn't have this kind of formal exam for long long time (my last formal exam was college time :P), it's really painful to stay at home study during weekend.

Finally my angel is back, energy is back, but..... brain like moving slowly, maybe most of the space still occupied by those "Testing Terms". Too bad I can only wrap it off two weeks later if I pass the exam... kekeke....

Looking at the bread, I forced myself so hard to come out something special (fyi, I have few bento was using this kind of bread). I then got this idea from a drawing book. Only a week, all my finger like blunt, but finally still got it done. Although it was abit out of shape, but nevermind, as warm up bento... kekeke :)

Jul 18, 2009

Sports Day

Every morning, other than preparing bento for Isaac, I have to come out an interesting conversation between myself to attract Isaac's attention, so that he can get up from the bed. But some special day, I do not need to do so, such as today, a day which he has been looking forward long time ago -- SPORTS DAY.

This is Isaac's 1st sports day, that's why he was extremly excited. We set out at 8am although the program will start at 9am. Unfortunately Papa cannot share Isaac's excitement as he need to work. The program was held in indoor stadium at Titiwangsa Lake.

We have plenty of time to walk around Tasik Titiwangsa. Lots of people jogging there as the air is really fresh. There was a film shooting going on and that area was surrounded by people (included Isaac & I ^o^).

The moment we stepped into the stadium, Isaac's excitement like boiling all over his body. He jumped non-stop. Although it is just a kindergarten sports day, but the preparation is not sloppy at all. Everything is well organized. The teachers really did a good job on that. The whole view is so glorious. Red, Blue and Yellow.... He started to calm down after sending him to children section.

The program started at 9:30am and ended at 11:30am. Isaac's team got 2nd prize. He shown me his trophy with proud. FYI, all children get a trophy as an encouragement. Overall, Yellow house was the champion.

Again, we walked along the lake, saw people ridding seaboat (I don't know the exact name of the boat, is like bicycle, with paddle). To make Isaac's day great, we went for a ride too...

To have a wonderful ending, we stopped at KFC to meet up with Papa for lunch. Guess what, he finished a "dinner plate" set meal (with 3 pieces of chicken)... too hungry I guess, used up too much energy just now... (^_^). It is really an unforgetable day for both of us. We really have great time.

Jul 10, 2009

Bento #45 - Keroppi Froggie

I was bubbling over with enthusiasm to make "Keroppi" bento for Isaac, so purposely go and buy green tea chiffon cake from RT House yesterday night, to have more lifelike "Keroppi" ... kekeke.

Tools of the day

Cut the chiffon cake using triangle rice mould and also cheese to make Keroppi's eyes

Use outer layer of seapack to make Keroppi's cheek

I actually made two Keroppi, one big and one small. But when I about to put in the bento box, realized that one of the cheek has missing. No choice, I have to bring it to office as my breakfast. Siau Pei Yiyi found it interesting, she has eaten it. I guess Keroppi is now jumping in her stomach (^0^)...

Jul 9, 2009

Jul 8, 2009

Bento #43 - Sunflower

I prompted by a whim, decided to snap today's preparation.

Tools of the day

Cut out the bread, two big and one smaller circle

Cut out the cheese using heart shape cutter

Spread blackcurrant jam on the bread, arrange the cheese on top of it

"Teng teng teng teng..." This is the result. Fruit of the day is orange.


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