Sep 19, 2009

Fun with Bento Making

Last two days my little prince was suffering from fever and diarrhea, so he has his Raya holiday started one day earlier.

Today, my nieces spent thier morning at my house. They so envy Isaac has different bento everyday, keep pleading me to prepare bento for them. I decided to let them have fun with bento making.

I get ready hard boiled eggs, then got them involved in ingredient preparation. It is not surprise that kids do not know how to remove egg shell, especially those kids with "Kakak" at home. I gave each of them an egg, asked them to remove the shell then let them mixed the eggs with seapack and mayonnaise. I took out my brand-new sandwich cutter, Mickey & Minnie stamp and and also alphabet cutters.

I assisted them in getting the sandwich sealed properly, then they decorate thier own sandwich... From the picture, you can see they were so concentrate and enjoy bento making very much. Fun part was, they shown strong interest on the picks I have, only Isaac's sandwich has least picks on it (^_^).

After 30min hard work, they have thier product "out from oven". You vote for which bento? Who is the Bento Winner of the Day?

Top Left: Samantha's Bento; Top Right: Charmaine's Bento
Bottom Left: Charlene's Bento; Bottom Right: Isaac's Bento

The two elder follow my sister after that, left the two younger kids with me. I fixed both of them another bento for lunch, a simple one to cheer them up as they looked sad can't go with my sister. This is also my first time using rice mould. Again you can see, the bento is fulled of picks... kekeke... Can you guess which one is Isaac's bento? Yeah... he loves sword!

Charlene's Hello Kitty Bento & Isaac's Triangular Man Bento

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