Apr 30, 2010

Bento #177 - Doraemon (ドラえもん)

Isaac's kindy will on and off have special theme on Friday. On that day, children have to wear according to the theme. Today is a Rainbow Day, kids are requested to wear colourful shirt to school. Isaac chose a long sleeve shirt with colourful stripes and said to me the shirt is just nice for the theme (^0^).....

In fact, I should fix him something a colourful bento, or maybe a rainbow bento to match the theme. But I only have this idea in mind after having the Doraemon fixed. I have to bear in mind, next theme, I should fix something related to promote the theme and make the day more special... hehehe

Apr 28, 2010

Bento #176 - British Soldier in Tall Black Fuzzy Hat

Isaac requested this High 5 bread, with apple cream inside. Looking at the bread, really have no clue what to fix. Tall black fuzzy hat flashed into my mind, but I added two feather onto the hat. After adding the feather, it makes me think of Red Indian. I think will fix a red indian bento in couples of day. Stay tune yeah (*0*)....

~~ A Special Gift ~~

I received a parcel today. It's a special gift from a special person. This person I have never met, but my impression of her is favourable. A mummy with good bento skills any yet very modest, she is Lia Chen. Lia has a sweet, warm and lovely house (Bentolicious), you will learn some bento tips from her "Tips Room" and you will defiantely be surprised by her "Bento Collection Room" (*.*). Honestly, I really wish one day I will gain a true FRIENDSHIP from bento blogging and here comes the day. It's a fate, a gift from god.....

Still, I have to say: Thanks Lia for the friendship (~.~)

The pick has now been removed from my bento wish list (^o^)...

Apr 27, 2010

Bento #175 - Soccer Ball

Last Friday Isaac's kindy organized a field trip to an indoor soccer field. Unfortunately Isaac has high fever the night before. The moment I told him he won't be able to join the field trip, he cried sadly. He has been long waited for this day and told me happily that tomorrow will be a great day for him few hours before the sudden fever.

After seeing doctor, I called his teacher to inform her about this. Teacher also felt sorry for him, as the kids have been practising hard in the school. Isaac was sobing on the sofa while I was on the phone. I couldn't bear his disappointment and sadness, so I called teacher again. Teacher allowed Isaac to join the kids for soccer game. So I sent him personally and fetched him back right after the game. I didn't go to work that day.

I am glad that Isaac's fever gone in midnight. I am happy to see Isaac having great fun in the field. Here comes the idea of fixing a soccer ball bento (^.~)

Apr 26, 2010

Bento #174 - Flower

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Thank god Isaac has recovered from his fever, else I will have a tiring weekend. I prepared two tuna flower for Isaac today. The orange flower was cut from cheese. I toasted the flower in the oven because to me, one who don't really love cheese, it taste better after toasting. The cheese was then melted, that the reason why it is abit out of shape.

The toasted tuna flower is slightly crispy compare with the other. But Isaac perfer the one without toasting because cheese is not his favourite too (O_o).....

Apr 22, 2010

Bento #173 - Wicked Witch

Isaac asked me, it's not Halloween, why am I fixing him a witch (O_o). I wanted to fix this witch for quite sometime just that slow in action. This idea derived from Isaac JXC (Yamaha Junior Advance Course) book. Each time when I see the witch while guiding Isaac to play piano, I will say to myself I wanna fix this witch (*.*) Here comes the day, I finally have clue how to fix it. I use egg as the head and the witch hat is from ham.

Hooray... a 3D witch!!

Apr 21, 2010

Bento #172 - Mini Aeroplane

This aeroplane was made from cranberry walnut bread. The red oval thing in the middle of the plane is cranberry. It's my first try on this bread, to me it's lacking flavour unless you bit on the cranberry or walnut. Probably Isaac won't like it, so I cut two aeroplanes from the bread, spead some peanut butter on it and stack the two planes together. I think it should taste better (^_^). Fruit of the day is pear.

Apr 20, 2010

Bento #171 - Pretty Bouquet

Protagonist for the day is the beautiful flower. I have this idea came to my mind while I was lingering on my bed this morning. I have this bad habit, I will normally linger on the bed for at least 5 minutes when the alarm rings. I will keep snoozing the alarm clock for few times before I can get myself up from bed. This is the time I use to think bento for the day if I don't do any home work a night before (*o*).

I have a tutorial here on how to make the flower. Hope it helps you to have clearer picture. Enjoy and Happy Bento-ing!! (^.^)

Apr 19, 2010

Bento #170 - Two Little Pooh Bear

It has been quite sometime I didn't pack sweet potato for Isaac because I am very particular in buying sweet potato. Sometimes the vege autie says very sweet but end up not at all. So normally I only buy from a particular organic stall. But I hardly go that market now, I go to the one nearer to my house.

Last week saw the purple yellow sweet potatos posted in Lia's house, made me feel like eating sweet potato. I went to nearby market on Saturday to look for it. I wanted to buy the japanese sweet potato (purple colour) but the auntie kept asking me to try the local one also (yellow colour). So I bought both, thought maybe can try Lia's recipe.

I didn't give a try on Lia's recipe as no fresh milk in the fridge. Maybe reserve for next time. Out of my expectation, the local sweet potatos taste better to me and yet it's cheaper (^_^).

Apr 16, 2010

Bento #169 - Tomica Bento

Another Tomica Bento (*.*), but this time I used the smaller vege cutter. I prepared two tomica cheese and placed them on top of tempura nuggets. Just to share, for nuggets, you can actually bake it in oven instead of deep fried them. You will be surprised by the oil squeezed out from the nuggets even though you not deep fried them. It's less oily and more healthy. I packed some pears into the bento and they were cut into tomica shape too (^_^).

Apr 15, 2010

Bento #168 - Police in Duty

"Peep Poo... Peep Poo... Please give way to Police, a thief is trying to escape... " I bought the Tomica cutter from Hong Kong last year, but haven't really utilize it. Recently, Isaac took out his Police City Lego and play with it again, made me think of the cutter is sitting in the box quietly. Here comes the idea to fix Isaac a police car. Just FYI, I have dismantled the LEGO after he get bored so that he will show interest on the it again after some time.

It's a egg sandwich, I put a layer of pan-fried egg in between the bread. Isaac loves egg so much, he was happy to see the egg. But if it's cheese, probably will spoil his mood, because it gonna be a big slice of cheese if using the cutter (^_^).

Apr 13, 2010

Bento #167 - 1st Anniversary Gift

Haha, don't get cheated by the title, today is not my 1st Wedding Anniversary (else I can't have a 6 yrs old boy) and likewise the gift is not from my hubby (^_^).

Yeap, today is my 1st Anniversary on Bento making. I didn't notice it until I wrote a post on the awards received from Rachel and Lia Chen last week. I have a sudden inspiration to know for how long I have been doing bento, then only I discovered it's a year in the twinkling of an eye!! Time flies without realizing!!!!

Compare those days bento, I think my bento skill do improve alot, but yet I still have lots of rooms to grow. I quite enjoy preparing light bento for my boy every morning. I am happy to see him bring back an empty bento box for me (~_~).

Nevertheless, to continue bento making really need support. I am thankful to all the bento mama for sharing thier awesome bento and useful tips. Another person I would like to thanks, my hubby, thanks for his support, therefore I can have this "weird" hobby continue for more than a year. Thanks him for dressing up Isaac while I am fixing bento. Thanks him for not complaining "self service".... kekeke

Apr 9, 2010

Bento #166 - Froggie Cottage

Today I just feel like fixing something simple. The three froggies only take me 5 minutes.

All the sudden I think of this nursery rhymes:


You heard before this song? Does it sounds familiar? (~.~)

Beautiful Blogger + One Sweet Treat Award

I feel highly honored to receive this award from Rachel Hei and Lia Chen. They are my blog supporter and because of their sweet comments, I enjoy bento making and blogging.

Without realizing, next Tuesday is my 1st Bento-ing Anniversary. Looked back those days bentos, it gives me sweet memories although my bento skill at that time is horrible but I believe it's improving (^_^).


thanks for your support along the way!!

Life is so beautiful with friends like you!!

Apr 8, 2010

Bento #165 - Nugget + Waffer = Fun Meal?

No more bread at home, since hubby won't be around for two days, I don't think Isaac and I can finish a loaf of bread, so I prepared nuggets for him today. I brought back some chocolate from Langkawi, so packed some Loacker waffers into the box. We love the Loacker waffer very much and just can't seem to get away from hazelnut. There is just something so delicious, so satisfying about it.

Remember the sauce bottle I mentioned two days ago? These are the two apple (tomato) container. Isn't it cute?

Apr 7, 2010

Bento #164 - Fly Little Ladybug

After honeybee is little ladybug. I have been trying to make Isaac love cheese more, but seems like no progress so far. When I told him I gonna fix him bento using cheese, he again negotiated with me, asked to replace cheese with egg (~_~). I thought this time he will bring back a complete ladybug for me. Surprising he finished all!! OK I promised will try to reduce cheese but not totally omit. I don't know what else I can use if not cheese, at least now I can swap between cheese and egg and once a while ham (-_-).

Apr 6, 2010

Bento #163 - Honeybee March

The bees were made from egg roll. Let me briefly describe how I prepare the egg roll, I totally forgot to snap some photos during the preparation until last egg roll was taken out from pan.

Well mix the egg the pan-fry it, just like how we prepare egg sheet. When it is almost cook, off the stove and put some chicken floss on top and roll it over. I don't know does it make any difference if I put chicken floss on the egg sheet after it is cooling down. (-_-)

I then cut the egg roll into small piece and decorate it as honeybee. I packed some tomato into the sauce container I just bought last week. It comes with another three small size bottle, but with apple (or maybe is tomato) as the lid. Cute, I love this sauce containers.

Close shot on the egg roll. Try it out, simple to prepare and nice to eat, but abit unhealthy as it is pan-fry.

Apr 5, 2010

Bento #162 - The Circus

It's always good to start with something simple after a long break, as warm up lesson (^.^) Before turning the eggs into mayo egg, I sliced the egg and chose few with only egg white. The egg white was then cut as into bear shape. The balance all chopped into small pieces and mixed with mayonnaise and packed into the triangular bread pocket.

First time packed baby carrot for Isaac. I cooked five but only packed him two. Guess what, he asked me don't pack him this carrot, he doesn't like it. I tried to pursuit him and finally he said, "OK lor, next time pack me one will do." **Faint**

More Bento Tools ...

What was I doing?

I have finally sent out Test Summary Report on the project I engaged with to PM last Thursday. It's time for me to at least take a short break. I just posted Monster Bento few hours ago and I started to think back what I have done in past few weeks, because the Monster Bento I fixed was actually quite some time ago. What was I doing after that? Why no bento for Isaac?

Now I remember, I went to Singapore for Software Testing Conference on 24th March and came back late night on 25th. With a tired mind, I couldn't affort to prepare bento on Friday.

Saturday evening, again I stepped into LCCT, but this time I was more excited, I have been long waited for this day -- Family Trip to Langkawi. The trip not only three of us, but also my siblings, nieces & nephew and my sis's parent-in-law. Fourteen of us in total... big group hoh!! We went there for four days and again, came back late night. I allowed Isaac to skip one more day of school so that he could recharge his "battery". Isaac kindy off last Friday to celebrate Good Friday. So basically last week he only attended one day of class.

So for the passed few weeks, I was not just busy with work, but also searching singapore hotels, langkawi hotels, flight booking and Langkawi itinerary. But of course main thing still woooorrrkkkk !!! Now you know why my blog stay quiet for quite some time yeah (Q.Q) !!

Apr 2, 2010

Yamaha JMC Fundamental Skills Survey

13-12-2009 (Sunday) is another milestone in Isaac's growing journey. He has his first music exam at Yamaha Kelana Jaya (HQ). This Yamaha Grade Examination is called Junior Music Course Foundamental Skills Survey. They will test candidate's listening, singing, playing, reading and creating ability. They evaluate using three sizes of star - big, medium and small.

Big Star : You have shown excellent achievement in the two years.
Medium Star : You have shown solid achievement in the two years.
Small Star : You have shown achievement in the two years.

Candidate has to prepare a song to sing, two repertoire to play from JMC books. Isaac chosen to sing 'Lullaby of Stars', repertoire 'Falling Leaves' and 'Lavendar Blue'.

After four months waiting, finally we got the comment sheet and certificate. Isaac was excited and nervous when I told him result was out. We arrived music center slightly early than usual today, but the assistant told us result was with the teacher.

Isaac got excellent result, five big stars and one medium star. Of course I am happy not only because of the result but his progress and effort along the way.

Result details:

Listening (Melody) - B Star
  • Did very well.
  • Recognized note names correctly.
  • Recognized molodic structure and phrasing well.

    Listening (Harmony) - M Star
  • Recognized each chord.
  • Recognized chords in same tempo as teacher.

    Singing - B Star
  • Sang with rich expression.
  • Sang with gentle voice.
  • Sang with clear words and note names.

    Playing - B Star
  • Played each note corefully.
  • Played lively and rhythmically.
  • Played with appropriate tempo.

    Reading - B Star
  • Did very well.
  • Read notes with good flow on music.

    Creating - B Star
  • Did very well.
  • Played correct chords for the melody.
  • Played suitable accompaniment pattern.

    Teacher's Overall Comment:
    You were very responsive in the music class and enjoyed every subject. Keep up the good effort to develop your music ability.

    Examiner's Overall Comment:
    Could pitch accurately. A well prepared candidate.


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