Jun 30, 2009

Junior Music Couse - Book 3 Performance

Time passed without realizing... my prince finishing his JMC book3. Another six months, he will be completing the course. Flipped through book 4, it's gonna be a big challenge for me. He will need to sit for a survey end mid of December at Yamaha HQ. The survey will test thier listening, playing, chord reading, etc. phew....

I was tention last whole week becuase of this performance. Isaac chose to play 'Pretty Bouquet' & 'March of Little Bear'. 'Pretty Bouquet' is the last piece of song in book 3 and it is the most difficult but nicest. Whereas for 'March of Little Bear', it has different tempo among all songs. These two are Isaac's favourite songs (so far) and of course, I love it too (*o*).

Isaac performed quite well, the tempo is just nice. The effort mummy put worth the value and he deserve the compliment... Well Done, my prince !!

Bento #37 - Three Little Pigs

Brought Isaac to Isetan KLCC for a walk yesterday night, at the same time to use up the RM40 voucher which expire today. Have been thinking of doing this bento for long time, saw the sandwich ham in Isetan looks fresh, so I bought some. Again, this idea is from shoppingmum - The Big Bad Wolf. She shows detail steps on how to prepare it.

I took an hour to complete this bento, thus have to sacrifice my breakfast time. Isaac asked me 'Where is the house' when he checks out his bento this morning. I laugh and replied him with 'Ops... I forgot, will do it next time yeah' (Wah, starts demanding, now compare my bento with shoppingmum **phew**).... kekeke.

Oh yeah, I dropped by Kinokuniya to look for smiley face Carla craft puncher. I was so excited when I saw there are lots of Carla punchers. Glance at the punchers then my heart breaks. There are more than 50 punchers there, but none of it is smiley face... totally disappointed, my only hope gone....

Jun 29, 2009

Bento #36 - Mini Pizza

I saw this blog ~温馨小厨~ when I was voting shoppingmum at Singapore Blog Awards. I browsed through and found that her ideas are quite good, bread but with different preparation method.

I decided to give a try on the mini pizza. I doubt that the pizza will taste nice if I put some green beans, carrot cubes and corns, so decided to give a try first before I proceed with Isaac's bento. The appearance is nice, but it doesn't taste good. I know my prince won't like it, so for his mini pizza, I only put cheese and seapack, then decorate with the new Disney picks which I just bought yesterday.

I have meeting every Monday with Brisbane office, have to reach office before 8:30. So didn't have chance to ask Isaac whether he likes today's bento. Just gave him a called, he said the mini pizza does not look like pizza, more like cookies as there is no mayonnaise and tomato source on top. Such a good comment, didn't think of it, will give a try one day.

Jun 26, 2009

Bento #35 - Fun Time with 'Kek Lapis'

Shoppingmum shows her new masterpiece - Stripe Cheese, coincidently, my colleague gave me kek lapis. Instead of making stripe cheese, which is more time consuming, I replaced it with kuih lapis. (^o^) But will definately give a try on it once I buy different colour cheese, I really love her idea. Thanks Shoppingmum!

Jun 25, 2009

Bento #34 - Again, Almond Doughnut

Yesterday night, YiYi bought Isaac an almond ring, I knew it's gonna be a free morning. But I still got up as usual, to do some house work... hmm... never ending house work :P

Jun 23, 2009

New bento gadgets

Here are some of the new tools added to my collection. I need to do some online shopping, bento tools sell in 100Yen is limited, cute cartoon cutter still need to get from online store.

Bento #32 - Boy n Girl

Today's bento is pretty simple. Ingredient used is Gardiner's butter bread, cheese and nori. Isaac requested some garlic bread snack, I hide it under the bread.

Which one is boy and which one is girl? It seems like they are both brothers... hahaha...

Jun 22, 2009

Bento #31 - Brown Bear

I intent to make brown bear, but Isaac told me, "Is a pig, mummy." (^o*)......

Jun 8, 2009

Trip to Tanjung Sepat

Last Saturday was Birthday of SPB Yang di-Pertuan Agong, we have one day trip to Tanjung Sepat. This place is quite far from KL, it's about 1.5 hours drive. That place is famous with seafood Bakuteh and sold out very fast. To avoid disappointment, we set out at around 7:15am, just like working day (*_0).

Once we have our car parked at Auntie Amanda's colleague's (Ms. Ho) house, we went for the seafood bakuteh. There are two restaurant selling this dish, one visited by '阿贤' and the other one visited by '阿鸿'. We tried the 2nd one. According to Ms. Ho, both have thier own specialities. Maybe they over described it and I also put high expectation, so I am a bit disappointed. But overall, the taste is OK. If got chance, we will try the 1st restaurant.

Before we proceed to Ganoderma Lucidum farm (灵芝), we have a cup of coffee, pau and fish ball. Tg Sepat 'Pau' is well-known, that restaurant visited by Hong Kong famous eater- Tou Tou. We placed order after eating the 'Meat Pau','Mui Choy Pau' and 'Red Bean Pau'. The order queue was too long, we need to wait until 7pm, fortunately Ms. Ho can collect for us. Nothing much at Ganoderma Lucidum farm, but I still snap few photos of several types of 'mushroom'.

After GL farm, we went to a fishing village to get some fresh and cheap seafood. Some of us didn't buy any, so we have a walk behind people's house. It's Isaac first time visiting place like this, althought Sabak Bernam is also near to harbor. Lots of fishing boat anchor beside the old bridge and you can see plenty of colourful crabs, big and small, crawling on the mud.

Our next destination was Longan farm. Unfortunately the timing is not right, all longan sold out and new batch on longan was still on the way. So we didn't stop long there, just walked into around to see longan tree. Plucking longan is strictly prohibited.

Final destination was seafood lunch. While waiting for vacant table, Isaac and I have a walked at the jetty. The jetty is quite long, Isaac insisted to walk to the end. Few Malay people were fishing.

The trip is really tiring as we walked alot under the hot sun, but it is a nice outing.

Jun 5, 2009

Bento #30 - Ladybug

These two days Isaac is at DaYi house as ErYi is away for few days. Charmaine likes Isaac's bento, and I promised to make one for them. I made something more challenging as it is school holiday, I don't need to dress up Isaac in case running out of time. Again, this idea is from shoppingmum- Ladybug bento. I went to Popular warehouse sales at Summit USJ, so tried to get brocolli and mango from Cold Storage, unfortunately cannot find there.

I don't really satisfied with the end result. Again, I think I need a multiface nori cutter. Will try to get one as soon as possible. I am not good in arranging bento, need to put more effort in that. Hehehe... anyway, good try! (^0^)

Left: The 3 bentos that I have prepared
Right: Charmaine's bento

Left: Charlaine's bento
Right: Isaac's bento

Jun 1, 2009

Addition to my Bento stash

I have been looking for new house for my tools and finally I got this three storey house, with eight rooms and one master room... (haha... total partition :P) ... it is much more tidy and easy for me to use them.

Three packs of picks, two nori puncher and a set of animal cutter.


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