Dec 2, 2009

HK Day 4 ~~ Ngong Ping 360 ~~

We suppose to go Ocean Park on today, but the kids were too tired, so we swiped it with day 5 plan. We brought the to experience all kinds of transports. We ride double-decker to Tsim Sha Tsui, then have great Dim Sum at one chinese restaurant at HK Cultural Centre.

~~ Riding on Double Decker ~~

What so special about the restaurant? As you can see in photos below, they have special Dim Sum which is in animal shapes. We ordered each from the menu. It's my turn to eat kawaii food... kekekeke. Cannot deny, Hong Kong Dim Sum is really nice. I love thier porridge and mini egg tarts. "Har Kau" & "Siew Mai" also very nice, it would be perfect if they serve chili sauce (^_^). Thier "Pau" to me is so so only, KL got better "Pau".... kekekeke....

~~ Dim Sum at Serenade Chinese Restaurant ~~

We headed to Star Ferry Pier then took ferry to Hong Kong Island. We walked few streets until we saw tram. Malaysia has no tram, ride for once is better than hear or see for thousands time. We simply catched a tram, then let it drove us around. After about 20 minutes rode, we got bored, so we got down at one of the station, then looked for nearest MTR and rode it to Central. At Central, we took Tung Chung Line to Ngong Ping 360.

~~ A Jump at Clock Tower ~~

~~ Riding on Ferry ~~

~~ Riding on Tram ~~

Ngong Ping gave me a deep impression because we took crystal cabin to Ngong Ping Village. The moment we rode on it, each of us regreted, no one dare to look down as the base of the cable car is made of transparent, we were like hanging in the sky... kekeke. But after some times, the kdis started moving around, then only the adults became more relax... hahaha.....

The view in from the cable car is extremly nice. You can have a breathtaking view of Thung Chung Bay, a spectacular view of Hong Kong International Airport, a stuning view of Lantau North Country Park and a magnificent view of the Tian Tan Buddha Statue. To reach Tian Tan statue, you need to climb a long staircase, but the se is not as long as the one in Batu Caves (^_^).

~~ Riding on Crystal Cable Car to Ngong Ping Village ~~

At night, we had dinner with customer of my brother-in-law. He brough us to a restaurant nearby Novotel. I was shy to take photo of the dishes, only snap few for dessert. We then have a walk at Lady Street and I bought lots of cookies cutter that night.


Lia Chen said...

Those dimsum are very cute and mouthwatering ... How did you find so many nice places?

Vanessa said...

Lia Chen, this Dim Sum restaurant was introduced by customer of my brother-in-law, who is a Hongkonger (^_^).

Whereas for Charlie Brown Cafe, I got it from internet while googling for information about Snoopy World Theme Park.


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