May 28, 2009

Bento Tools

I am now crazy with bento tools. These are the tools I have so far, will definately add in more item, especially nori puncher and cutter. Hopefully one day can beat shoppingmum and Arlene.

Above tools are from Bento Market, 100 Yen and Daiso.

This lovely 'Hello Kitty' rice mould was given by my sister. My brother-in-law bought it from Hong Kong. But you can find it from website.

My boy's favourite cartoon character 'Pikachu' lunch box and my favourite picks. These are all from Bento Market.

2nd batch tools. All from 100 Yen shop Kuchai Lama.

Bento #29 - Musical Day

Without Papa's help (Papa outstation this whole week), is better to prepare something simple. Since I got yesterday's idea from music book, wish to get another from there. "Keyboard" came to my mind.

I have the bread cut last night before going to bed. This morning, I spreaded pineapple jam on the bread and cut some nori. Pretty simple right... I have time to enjoy my breakfast... hehehe.

May 27, 2009

Bento #28 - Hens and the Chicks

It would be quite bored to have bread everyday, thus, today I prepare some nuggets for my little boy. Flipped through his music book yesterday night and saw a cute hen and chicks. I know it would be a challenge for me, so I woke up slightly early.

Once woke up, first thing I did was steamed sweet corn, then I got into bath room. After self cleaning process, start fying nuggets and sausages. It did not take long to get all these things done, but it took me more than half an hour to come out the hens... ** phew **. I even skipped my breakfast.. Luckily the result still consider OK... hahaha...

May 26, 2009

Bento #27 - Lucky Stars

Today is my boy first day of exam, I made "Lucky Stars" for him, hope that the lucky stars can bring him good luck.

All the Best, Isaac!

May 25, 2009

Bento #26 Mango Tango

This is one of Isaac's favourate doughtnut - Mango Tango. We went Pavillion yesterday, YeYe bought him this.

This morning, I just need to cut the doughnut into half and decorate with some picks, so is pretty fast. At first thought of making it like a bear, but I guess the essence (mango moose) will no longer taste good after adding nori or ham. This is also why I choose this bento box instead of a square one which the size is just nice. When place the square bento box into Isaac's bag, it will easily upside-down and the moose will stick on the cover. To also make my life simple, just maintain as it is....

May 21, 2009

May 20, 2009

Bento #23 - Pikachu

Today I am on MC, but still fixed my boy a bento. At first thought maybe just a simple bento, but because of his good performance in the class yesterday, I decided to fix him one of his favourite cartoon - Pikachu as a reward. He was nominated by class teacher - Ms Angeline to read a text in the stage. He manage to read it and was awarded as "Good Reader" of the day.

Good job, son! Keep it up!

May 18, 2009

Bento #21 - Speedy Car

I copy shoppingmum - Little Car Bento idea. she has details steps on how to do it. My husband also admit that my bento-ing skill improve alot... hehe... make me more confident :)

Don't know why today my boy woke up quite early, probably he knew I have surprise for him. Once the car is fixed, I myself also quite satisfied with the result, couldn't wait to show him. But if the bear with eyes and mouth, it would be better. Now I know what tools I need, I need a face nori puncher. Will try to get from Daiso or 100 Yen shop if possible. I am so lazy to cut manually, as the nori will always stick on my finger.

Isaac very happy with today's bento. If you do not know my boy, here just introduce him abit. Isaac is a boy who easily satisfy and will appreciate things given to him, even a small thing. No matter how bad is my cooking, he will always says "Mummy, thank you for cooking this dish for me, it is very tasty". If you don't believe, you can anytime call "Kakak" (my sis maid who taking care of him after kindi), he always says the same thing to kakak, make kakak very happy. But kakak really can cook good dishes. Same thing goes to the bento, no matter how ugly is it, he will still says "Mummy, thank you for preparing bento for me".

May 14, 2009

Bento #20 - Doggies

As you know, I don't keep stock as I rarely cook. Thus, those sandwiches that I have made so far, it's all plain. Finally I bought nori (seaweed) and seapack from The Store yesterday night.

Today's bento is considered quite OK to me, at least there is face features. The dog cutter I bought it from Daiso last week. Isaac likes seapack, the balance I packed it together, hope he will enjoy.

May 12, 2009

Bento #19 - Duckling crossing grass

A vegetarian "pau" for today's bento. I have tried it, quite nice, is like "Mui Choy Pau", I guess Isaac will like it. I cut the cheese into "I Lov U" and deco with my favourite duck family pick. A pretty simple bento.

I also not sure whether Isaac will like it, so I asked him to try, if really don't like it, then brings it back.

Such a disappointment, Isaac didn't try the "pau" at all, he brought the complete "pau" back. I am not happy, becuase I think he should at least have a bite. Althought it only used up few minutes of my time, but the effort and love that I have put in is uncountable. So I decided to punish him. There will be no bento for tomorrow.

May 11, 2009

Bento #18 - Toast bread with mayo egg

I steal this idea from newspaper, find it pretty simple to do, decided to have a try. I cut the bread using medium size star cutter and make the mayo egg yesterday night. The mayo egg I kept it in the fridge to speed up today's bento-ing.

I put the star shape bread in a stainless steel cake cup and toast it. When take out from the oven, it will have fixed shape just like a bowl. Then I place the mayo egg on it. My hubby have this for breakfast also. He raise his thumb up... hehe

I added some jelly for Isaac...

May 8, 2009

Bento #17 - Lazy Day

Again, my kitchen is running out of stock again... hehe... Basically I have nothing much to prepare on Friday as Gardinier white bread can only last for four days, so I need to finish it before Friday. If I were to buy a loaf of bread, then I will need to eat bread for the whole week, which I normally don't. I will have heavy breakfast during weekend, then only I feel life is wonderful... haha.

Isaac is more than happy to see bento like this, meanwhile I can hav a day break.. :P

May 7, 2009

Bento #16 - Satay

This morning thought want to make Isaac some "satay", opened up strawberry jam, then found out it is mouldy. How come so fast, I just bought it about a month ago, I guess things from 99 convenient shop is not fresh, or perhaps I need to keep it in fridge? I can only spread pineapple + manggo jam instead, and the colour doesn't look nice.

May 6, 2009

Bento #15 - Going on a Picnic

Isaac requested "mi kicap" yesterday, I am more than willing to fulfill his small request, as I can also bring some to office. But the main reason is, I can't wait to use my new tools, which I just got it from Bento Market - leave picks, duck family picks and also "Pikachu" bento box. I love all these picks, it really makes bento-ing much more easier and much more attractive.

Why "Going on a Picnic"? Simply give a name to this bento? Yes, you are right, can't think of a suitable name. With the duck family on the grass, along with sausage & fishball, is like papa & mummy duck bring their kids for a picnic. Hehe....

Unfortunately my boy told me that he could not manage to finish the "kon low mee" because teacher gave too little time (luckily not because the mee does not taste good.. hehe). He did not finish the fish ball either, he told me he want to keep the nice one behind (means fish ball taste better than my "kon low mee" ... sob... sob).

Isaac's classmates like the Pikachu (worth the price then :P). But the strip is too tight, he got help from teacher.

May 5, 2009

Bento #14 - Little Yellow Bear

I woke up quite early this morning to prepare this. Again disappointed, this is not the final result I expected. I wanna give a try on the method teach by shoppingmum-egg sheet, so I follow step-by-step. I pan fried the egg white, but the egg white turn out with lots of bubble everywhere (really doubt with my cooking skill, simple thing like this also couldn't make it :P). Once cut the bear out from the egg white, it totally does not look like a bear. Aiskkkk....

Life still have to go on, bento still have to prepare, I replaced the egg white with a bread (brilliant idea... haha). Luckily the egg yolk is nice, else, will need to replace it with cheese. I use cheese as the eyes, ears and mouth, and here comes the result.... **phew**


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