Dec 17, 2009

Bento #124 - Lotus Bun & Stitch Hard Boiled Egg

Ever since came back from Hong Kong, my bento is plain, plain & plain. Finally today I have a more presentable bento, it's much more compact and colourful. It would be even better with some fruits.

The kids still in sweet dream when I sent the bentos to my sis's house this morning. I gave them a call after that, my niece gave me sincere thanks and told me that she begruded to eat the cute stitch egg. Whenever one's hardwork is appreciated, he/she will be puffed up with pride and feel quite self-satisfied, so do I (^_^). I just can't wait to fix another bento for them.

Still remember the Black Mouse Bento? I did the same thing to the stitch, which is put some ribena on it, that's why it is black (^_^). The pattern will be more prominent if it is dyed. Unfortunately I have only M size eggs, thus the face of stitch is not so striking.

I didn't forget to put some picks and barren on the bento. It really makes big different with suitable picks stick in and cute barren.


~Rachel Hei~ said...

Your niece was so lucky to have such a great aunt..^_^
Those bentos are lovely..

Lia Chen said...

Such a cute and nice bento Vanessa! Your niece will be not able to resist it. Love it :)


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