Nov 30, 2009

~~ Happy Mama Blogger Award ~~

Really unbelievable, I am awarded, awarded by Rachel as "Happy Mama Blogger". Many thanks to Rachel for giving me this award, my first award, it's an invigorator to me, it fortify my blogging life.... THANKS Rachel (*o*).

I got to this good news when I was having sweet time with my hubby & prince at Hong Kong. Although I was on holiday, but still grabbed some time to online, read those nice bentos prepared by bento Mama. I would like to pass the award to Lia Chen, but she is also awarded by Rachel.

I just came back from Hong Kong yesterday, a free and easy 6 Days 5 nights trip... Will try to post the photos ASAP once I have housekept it. So this week will not fix any bento for Isaac, break for a week (^_^)

Nov 20, 2009

Last Day of School....

No bento for Isaac today as his kindergarten is having party for the kids. Parents are encouraged (not compulsory) to prepare some food for the class. I thought of asking kakak to fry noodle, kakak's cooking is supreme, but Isaac prefer nuggets. He said don't need to trouble kakak (@_@), unbelievable right, the words came from Isaac's mouth. No wonder previous nanee always say Isaac act like adult... kekekeke.

Here is the food I prepared -- Tempura Nuggets.

Besides party, it's also an "Appreciation Day", for children to appreciate thier teachers in any manner. I suggested to make card for teachers and Isaac would like to have four pieces of cards as he has four favourite teachers.

Here are the four cards, all with different pictures and quotes.

I attached Isaac's photo in the cards so that teachers have no excuses to forget Isaac (^_^)

Thoughout the cards, one sentense is the same, that sentense really mean so much to me.
"A student's future
is build upon the lessons taught by

Nov 19, 2009

Best Conduct Award

Last Saturday was Graduation & Awards Day for Isaac's kindergarten, it is mainly for year 6 children and those who got awarded by the class teacher. I am very glad that Isaac got invited, it means he got awarded. I received a letter from kindy two weeks ago, informing me that Isaac was awarded as "Best Conduct".

What is that prize meant? Isaac's form teacher Ms. Angeline called me on the following day, explaining to me what that awards meant. Actually, I did put high hope that Isaac will most likely get awarded as "Best Reader in English" as his teacher told me his reading is good. Besides, he got this award from his previous kindy. Teacher Angeline clarify with me, "Best Conduct" is given to student who is good in academy and well behave in the class. Well behave doesn't mean he is good boy in the class all the time, but when make mistakes, will immediately change after being told without showing black face. Teacher Angeline said, since "Best Conduct Award" is higher than "Best Reader", they gave him the higher award (*_^).

What other awards the kindy has? They have:
@ Best Reader in Chinese
@ Best Reader in Bahasa
@ Best Reader in English
@ Best Improvement
@ Best Helper
@ Best Conduct
@ Star Student of the Year

Yes, "Star Student of the Year" is the highest award.

Each awarded kids were given a colourful kite, wish them fly high like a kite, hope their future will be as colourful as the kite....

Great Job, ISAAC... Mummy is proud of you (*_*)

This is the award Isaac got last year, from Little Light House Ampang.

Some small awards given in the class -- "Star Student of the Month and Super Character Champion.

Bento #119 - Caterpillar Heimlich

If you watched A Bug's Life movie, then Caterpillar Heimlich will not sound strange to you. Haha... I agree the bento doesn't look like Heimlich, but.... it's just a name for the caterpillar (@_@).

Nov 18, 2009

Bento #118 - Mr. Penguin

I just done feel like eating white / wholemeal bread ever since I prepared bento for Isaac's birthday party. The leftover breads make me nausea. I am waiting for the approach of this long school holiday, then I can have maybe 1~2 weeks bento off (^_^).

Again, purposely went to pasar malam to get a loaf of banana cake. This banana cake didn't taste as good as the previous one, too sweet for me. So I just packed small portion for Isaac, added quarter of "Tau Sa Pia (豆沙饼)" and a golden kiwi.

Nov 17, 2009

Bento #117 - Green Bento

I named today's bento as Green Bento as I replaced bread with baby lettuce. No problem for Isaac to eat vegetable, but I have never cook / order salad for him. This is my first time introducing salad to Isaac, let's see he likes it or not (^_^).

POSTSCRIPT: Isaac said the salad was very nice, the baby lettuces were crunchy and thanks for giving him so much of mayo egg (@_^). Wonder he loves the salad because of the mayo egg?

Nov 16, 2009

Some bento widgets

I got all these bento boxes from YinHo (银河). Probably you have not heard of this shop, it's actually a warehouse, where they have all thier items publish on a catalog. You can either order via post, fax or walk-in, but they don't have thier items displayed. This thing was very popular during my school time, seems like it is still a trend (+_+).

The pig and seal bento box is too big for my boy. From the catalog, the size just look nice. So far, I have only used the froggie bento box.

These stuffs I got it from Daiso IOI Mall. Food cup, silicon cup, love picks, cookies cutters and leave baran.

Close look at the LOVE picks I got from Daiso. Isn't it nice?

Finally I got these Carla Craft Puchers from Kinokuniya and Isetan KLCC. But only manage to get one from each place.

This cheese/vege cutter is from 100Yen Taman Desa

Bento #116 - Hotdog + Chiken Floss Bun

Today bento nothing special, just a bun with sausage and some chicken floss. But this time it taste very much nicer as I didn't forget to add some baby lettuce and dressing on it.

Close shot of the juicy sausage, yummy chicken floss and delicious tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

Nov 13, 2009

Bento #115 - Noodle with Flower Egg

Isaac told me last two days, he wish to see noodle in his bento. Thus, today I prepared him "Mee Kicap" and decorate it with some flowers cut from egg sheet.

Nov 12, 2009

Bento #114 - Little Egg Vase

I have two big bags of left over bread at home, definately I alone cannot finish it but I am trying very hard to eat as much as I can. It's going to expire after 13 Nov, instead of send it to dusbin, I plan to feed the fishes in Bukit Jalil Park.

Because of the left over bread, I didn't buy any bread to make bento for Isaac, it will increase my burden.. (@_@).. kekekeke... What I have in stock is only eggs. I decorated it as a vase, holding some Daisy (although the flowers didn't look like Daisy). The stalk I used spaghetti strip.

Nov 10, 2009

Birthday ~~ Part V: 5th Birthday Gifts

First of all, I would like to share this video with you...

I love this video, I like to see Isaac's reaction, it's so natural and innocent (*0*).

Yes, a LEGO 7744 City Police Headquaters. It is absolutely a brilliant set, the details are just incredible! It has lots of realistic details, including gates that open, garage doors that slide open, prison cells with toilets and beds, keys hanging outside the prison cells, and even handcuffs to put on the prisoners! Police Headquarters has rooms for interrogation, a coffee break, computer work, and a refrigerator with water cooler!

Immediately Isaac fixed the transport truck, car and motorcycle. It's not hard to fix even he is only 5 years old as very detail steps are given. It took him about 2 hours to complete the 3 vehicle with his Papa's minimum help. By the time finished, it's 1AM in the morning (@_@). He was so concerntrated while fixing.

Isaac didn't miss a single second he has to get the police headquater fixed. The moment he woke up, the came down by himself which he normally don't and continue fixing. See, before we go out for sushi, he still fixing. If not because he loves sushi, he will rather ask me to "tapau".

Isaac completed the police headquater at night and here is the final result. Some photos to share with you about the headquater. Enjoy!!


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