Aug 20, 2009

Bento #68 - Sea Lion's Family

I was thinking whether to name today's bento as "Seal" or "Sea Lion". Since Isaac said it looks more like sea lion, therefore I respect his judgement.

Actually it's really hard to judge whether the animal is seal or sea lion as they share many characteristics. But there are a few important features we can use to distinguish them.

Seals' (Phocidae) front flippers are generally furry, small and weak, so these marine mammals move on land by using their diminutive forward appendages to wiggle forward. They use their back flippers to generate powerful strokes when swimming in the water.

Sea Lion (Otariidae) have larger, hairless flippers which they use more effectively on land. Sea lions can rotate their hind flippers toward the ground so they're able to walk on all four appendages. They make use of their fore flippers when propelling themselves through water. They make use of their fore flippers when propelling themselves through water.

Detail information can be found HERE.

As I always run out of time, therefore I decided to come out a standard procedures. I got all the "shapes" ready beforehand, thought it might speed up the process. In fact it didn't work to me, probably because I prepared too many sea lions and pups (^_^).

This happy sea lion family consist of 5 members -- Papa, Mama, Koko, Meimei & Didi

Aug 19, 2009

Bento #67 - Cuttle Fish & Jelly Fish

When Isaac looked at the bento, he told me both are Jelly Fish (@_@). I told him the big one should be cuttle fish, but he insisted. I guess he has never see a whole cuttle fish, or probably to him, it does not look like cuttle fish... kekeke

Aug 18, 2009

Bento #66 - Teddy Bear "Pau"

Teddy bear in wrench hat

Aug 17, 2009

Bento #65 - Pneumatic Boat

Wanted to give a try on strip cheese for long time and I eventually took action.

Steps to prepare strip cheese:
1. Use two different colour of cheese, you probably need about 10 slices (5 each), depends on the height you wish.
2. Cut each slice of cheese into 2 (I cut into 3 just incase mission fail, it won't waste so many cheeses *_^, so I only need 6 slices of cheese).
3. Stack two different colour of cheese alternately.
4. Slice the cheese according to thickness you prefer.
5. Wrape them seperately with preserving paper and store in refrigerator in a tupperware.

Do not slice the cheese too thin, else, you will get result like me @_@

Aug 14, 2009

Bento #64 - Home made Ham Sandwich

When I prepare bento for my prince, I will always running out of time to prepare breakfast for my hubby. He needs to make coffee for me instead and sometimes need to spread jam himself... pai seh pai seh (>_<). But I think he doesn't mind, as long as his boy is happy... kekeke

Today I decided to make sandwich for hubby as reparation, at the same time for my little boy. They might get bored with bread and jam (I think). The filling consist of pan-fried ham, egg sheet and some chicken floss. This time, I didn't forget to spead some tomato sauce.

Why I named it as HOME MADE Ham Sandwich? Because I made the sandwich using home made wholemeal bread... kekeke... Hubby loves this sandwich, perhaps he didn't have this type of "proper" breakfast for quite some time (^_^)

Aug 13, 2009

Bento #63 - Beautiful Bird @ Peacock

Do you know that male peafowl is called peacock whereas female peafowl is called peahen? Peacock has brilliant tail feathers with bright spots on it which are known as "eyes". Peahen is duller in comparison and mostly brown, with pale underparts and shorter tail. So the peafowl I fixed should be MALE (^_^).

Bread with blueberry jam and some oranges.

The tail is made of egg sheet, "eyes" are from seapack and body from carrot.

Aug 12, 2009

Bento #62 - Panthera pardus @ Leopard

Today's bento animal is the smallest of the four "big cats" - Leopard. It is requested by my little prince, thus, he loves this bento. When look at the bento, he told me that I packed too many food for him, he has not enough time to finish it. Do you wonder why? Because he eats everything seperately, from top to bottom, meaning the dot, the mouth, the face, then only the bread @_^ (I only realized this a week ago... kekeke)

Aug 11, 2009

Bento #61 - Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon with some chicken floss

Aug 10, 2009

Bento #60 - Little Tortoise

Poor little tortoist, it shouldn't look like that if according to my plan @_@.

Just came back from hometown yesterday and bought 30 pieces of "ang ku kuih". 30 pieces, alot right... it is our favourite kuih. We finished 10 pieces on the way back to KL, Isaac alone ate 4 pieces...

Thought of using "ang ku" to make a tortoise, sounds great right. This morning, after got tortoise head and legs done, I took out an "ang ku", then found out all of them are moulded (T_T).... Luckily I did buy bread yesterday night, else, Isaac definately will disappointed again....

That is why the tortoise looks funny... the balance of 10 "ang ku" are probably chit chatting with apple skin now --> in the dusbin (>_O)

Moulded "Ang Ku" Kuih


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