Feb 25, 2010

Bento #149 - Tiger Cats

I am extremly busy with work recently as the project I am working on is rushing for release. All my posts are back dated post (T_T).

The tiger cat is made from egg using my bear egg mould. I cut it into two and fixed it as a male and female tiger. But why is the bento named as 'Tiger Cat'? Because both males in my house see it as "CAT" (x_x). To make three of us happy with the name, I entitled the bento "TIGER CAT" (^o^)

Feb 24, 2010

Bento #148 - Mini Mickey Pizza

As we know, cheese is fattening, I want healthy but not fattening food, hence I have choosen this cheese, which is 60% less fat. Tell you what, the cheese taste terrible, it's just like eating plastic to me. How, should I throw it away? It's really a waste to send it to dusbin, but I really can't put it into my mouth. I admit I am not a cheese lover.....

I believe it will definately taste better if bake it. So I gave a try today to make a mini Mickey pizza.

Firstly, I prepared the ingredient needed. I cut the ham into star shape, cut some sausages into slices and cheese into small pieces.
Secondly, I cut the bread using into Mickey shape using Mickey cutter I brought from HK, then spreaded some spaghetti sauce on it.
Thirdly, I arranged the ham nicely on Mickey face, put two sausages on his head and spinkle some cheese on top of ham.
Fourthly, place it nicely on the tray and send it to oven. Monitor the "Pizza" so that it is not over toasted.
Lastly, packed it into bento box.....

Just as my expected, the "Pizza" taste really nice.... YUMMY !! I am so exicited, finally found a way get rid of this cheese (^o^).

Feb 23, 2010

Bento #147 - 恭喜发财

I didn't pack Isaac bento yesterday, it was Day 9 of CNY (a day highly celebrated by Hokkien and Hakka people)and I don't have good sleep on Sunday night. My area is mostly Chinese, people started to play fireworks on Day 8, around 11pm till 2am. I was expecting this, thus, didn't prepare myself to prepare bento (^@^).

This is the 1st bento after coming back from long CNY holiday. Everywhere and anytime, we hear and say 'GONG XI FA CAI'. So, today I sent a baby tiger to say '恭喜发财' to all the bloggers. I packed a piece of chinese cookie (I thought only Chinese eat this, but infact, Malay also eat this cookie during raya) into the bento. I call it as "Beehive cookie" whereas my Malay colleagues call it as "Kuih Rose" and "Kuih Loyang".

Feb 11, 2010

Bento #146 - Prosperous Tiger Year & Happy Valentine

Wonder why this year I am extremely busy with Chinese New Year preparation. I started spring cleaning end of December when I was on long leave, I went shopping almost every weekend, I surfed for food to cook on CNY eve almost everyday, but yet like lots of things pending. I haven't get my luggage packed, I need to do last round of house cleaning before "Balik Kampung" and I need to do last round of groceries shopping. Oh yes, I need to get ready the Ang Pows tonight.

Seems like many things to do, if hubby is here to help would definately reduce my work (he is outstation for a week, will only be back tomorrow). I just talked to my lead, luckily she accepted my last minutes leave application. So, I will start my CNY holiday tomorrow and back on the week after next (22nd Feb). I don't think I will prepare bento for Isaac tomorrow, he was excited when I told him he can bring a bottle of "PoP Drink" to kindy and some jelly to share with his classmates. Therefore this will be the last bento until I am back to work.

What a coincidence, 1st day of Chinese New Year falls on the same day as Valentine Day. Do you know that we will have this coincidence twice more in this century, which is in year 2048 and 2084? Click here if you don't believe me (^@^). I don't wanna miss this special day, bento today I combined both occasion into one.

Can you see a ferocious tiger walking in "green green grass"? Underneath the "green grass" is spaghetti. I seperated the cheese sausage and decorated with two love picks. Obviously the one with baby love represent Isaac & me. I added three more heart on the green grass, wishing everyone have a sweet memories in this wonderful day.

Before going off, I would like to wish all the couples "All shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill" and wishing you "Healthy and Wealthy in the coming years". See you on 22nd.....


~~ 情人节快乐~~

Feb 10, 2010

Bento #145 - 金福袋

This is a Golden Blessing Pouch specially designed for my little darling - Isaac. It contains "LOVE, HEALTH, PEACE & HAPPYNESS". May the peace [平安], health [健康], happiness [幸福快乐] and all your favourite things [万事如意] follow you all the years.

~~ The making of Golden Blessing Pouch ~~

※ Toast the pouch in oven until it turns to golden brown before packing them. ※

Feb 9, 2010

Bento 144 - Tiger Paper Cut

I didn't prepare bento for Isaac yesterday as his appetite was not so good since Friday. He was recovering from diarrhoea, might probably caused by food poisoning.

Time flies, it's almost the time to say goodbye to Moo Moo cow and welcome Mr.Tiger. To show my respect to Tiger and welcome the Chinese New Year, I would like to prepare something related to this festival. Let me figure out what else I can fix other than tiger, but for today, still tiger, but is paper cut tiger (at least something different). I prepared the seaweed a night before, then placed it on a slice of ham this morning after toasting the ham in oven. I googled for tiger paper cut and finally chose this as it is the simplest. Unfortunately everyone (kids & teacher) couldn't figure out what is that (T_T)...

On the left is what I suppose to cut and on the right is what I have cut... If the seaweed is red, probably will have better effect.

Feb 5, 2010

Bento #143 - Simple Tigers Bento

It's a tiring Friday, I was running out of idea, just want to fix something simple. Bread with cheese is definately a great ingredient for speedy bento, which suite my mood today... hahaha (^o^).

Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner and it's the Year of Metal Tiger, why not fix everything about Tiger? This round I fixed three tigers (Papa, Mama & Zai Zai), which is which then? I leave the room to you....

Feb 2, 2010

Bento #142 - Another Triangular Bento

I fixed another triangular bento using the triangular rice mould today. I can't think of a nice name for the bento (^@^). The way of preparing the bread is the same as Bento #139, but I use tuna as the filling.

Postscript: Isaac didn't eat the bento, the cooking auntie perhaps teacher cooked them spaghetti (Isaac's favourite). I am Ok with it, as long as he gives me an acceptable reason (^_^).


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