Apr 29, 2009

Bento #12 - Simply Egg

Ohh no... so fast, I am running out of idea.... Open the fridge, what I can get is only egg. I know why I have this "No Idea" situation, because my fridge is always empty. I don't cook most of the time, even during weekend. My excuse is - I will have no time if I cook, then I need to sacrifice time spend with my boy. Besides of empty fridge, I think I am lack of bento tools, I need tools to come out something nice & cute... (again excuses.... haha).

This cute bunny rabbit attracted many friends who are new to "Bento". They are curious about how to make the egg into the shape. You need a rabbit egg mould and it is pretty simple to make:-
1. hard boild the egg
2. remove the shell
3. put it in the egg mould
4. place it in water for 15 min
5. open the egg mould, the rabbit is there waiting for you :)

Apr 28, 2009

Bento #11 - Burger

Today's bento, I use the same bread again. I guess this time the result is much more better than bento #9.

Apr 27, 2009

Bento #10 - Kon Low Mee

Such a lovely bears & stars. Isaac was so surprise seeing this, he asked me how I made it. Pretty simple, my sister bought it from market, she told me is fish cake. But I guess it is like Japanese kamaboko.

Apr 24, 2009

Bento #9

Ever since shifted to Sri Petaling, I have never buy him my childhood bread - Gardiner long bread, with cream inside. Yesterday night, he saw that bread in "roti car", quickly grabbed one with corn flavor (his favourite).

This morning I came out an idea, why not cut the bread into different shape. I took out star shape cutter, once cut, found out the cutter is not deep enough to cut the bread... that's why you can see a crack line on it, and it is abit out of shape, because I pressed too hard to force the cutter goes through the bread. Before cutting the other two, I cut the bread into half. It really looks much better.... :)

Apr 23, 2009

Bento #8 - Egg Roll

I have nothing for Isaac to bring to school, other than biscuit, I can only find egg roll :P . What is in the cute sauce container? Hehe... as usual, two gummy bear, it's vitamin in fact.

Apr 21, 2009

Apr 20, 2009

Bento #6 - Ugly Bear

Don't know why, I simply don't like this bento. I intent to make a bear, but this bear looks like piglet... :(

Apr 17, 2009

Bento #5 - Bears Family

Urshhh... my alarm was not ringing. I was late again. Previously, it was ok to get up late, but not now a day. I need to prepare bento, futher more, need to dry the clothes today. Which one should I do first? I think I should not disappoint my boy, clothes I can wash it again. Without further ado, I took out my bento-ing 'weapon'. Surprisingly, this bento is quite nice.

Hmm... not bad, at least still able to come out something cute - 'Bears Family'. Good work... haha

Apr 16, 2009

Bento #4

I told Isaac I can't prepare bento for him when his papa is not around. He wonder why, so as you? I need his papa to dress him up in case my bento has unexpected result... (haha... all testing terms). Anyway, I still came out a simple bento for him, just not to disappoint him.

Apr 15, 2009

Bento #3

So far, this is the bento which I satisfied most. It it what I expected. You might wonder what is the white little bear, a jelly? Tell you what, it is egg. Of course, I need a special tool to change the shape from oval to teddy bear. Like it?

The butterfly is made of bread with jam. I roll it and cut it into small pieces. I used beancurd to make the body.

Apr 14, 2009

Bento #2

Talk about this bento, I really disappointed with it. This is not the expected result (>_<). I woke up quite early on Tuesday, thinking of fring pin noodle for my two handsome. I spent more than half an hour in the kitchen, and the pin noodle doesn't taste good at all. My baked sausage, doesnt look like penguin also. I have 15min more, I need to come out another design. Without further await, I took out my bento tools and the balance sponge cake. I need to cook the sausage instead of bake it. Still, the penguin doesn't look like penguin. Probably caused by the sausage. I should use the other type of sausage.

I felt so disappointed. I told my boy:

Mummy: I am so sorry, the bento doesnt look nice at all. I intent to fry you pin noodle, but it wasn't taste good.
Isaac: Doesn't matter mummy, I think the bento is very nice.
Mummy: Thanks baby, with your encouragement, I think I can do it better next time (hug him).

Apr 13, 2009

Bento #1

I planned this design a day before and I think I should start with something simple (in fact, because I only have limited tools, can only make a simple one). So, purposely go and get a sponge cake. I simply give this bento a theme - Bear and Flower.

The flower doesn't look nice, how to make it more attractive? Maybe I should add some 'Smarties'... NO... I looked around the kitchen, trying very hard to find something better. My focus dropped on the strawberry jam. Yup, perfact match. I added some nectar to the flower.

A double-decker bento box, come with a strip. I love this bento box, so does my boy.

Oh yeah, I forgot to remind you, please do not compare my bento with shoppingmum. My bento skill of course not as good as hers, and I know is a big gap. But I promise will work harder :)

Bento Story

Since when I start surfing bento tools and crazy about those cute and expensive stuff? Should thanks Auntie Serene for introducing a fantastic website to me => http://motheringcorner.com/.

Trust me, DO NOT click on the link if:
- you wanna wake up late in the morning
- you wanna enjoy a proper breakfast
- you are not creative
- you do not want to waste food

DO click on the link if:
- you wanna bring surprise to your little who is waiting for you everyday at the front door
- you wanna give sweet childhood memories to your little
- you wish your little has good appetite
- you wish your little is proud of you (^o^)

My first bento is finally out from oven... Have a look at my product, you definately have something to say...


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