Dec 10, 2009

Bento #121 - Simple Bento

I don't know what name I should give to bento today (T_T). I actually want to decorate it as an adorable doll, but I estimated the time wrongly, I thought one hour is sufficient for three bentos. In fact, it is not for me as I need to fry some egg sheets.

Although I am not satisfy with bento today, but I am rather happy as I finally manage to come out a nice & smooth egg sheet. Many thanks to Lia Chen, the tips are from her:-

~~ Simply put some drop of food coloring while stirring the mixture to get the color you want.
~~ Don't forget to filter the mixture and cook over the lowest heat to avoid the bubbles on the top of the egg sheet.
~~ Just don't pour too much on the non-stick pan then you will get a thin egg sheet.
~~ To get rubber looks of egg sheet, added 1/2 tea spoon of corn starch (dissolve with 7.5ml of water) in the 2 eggs mixture.


This time I didn't add any food coloring, next time will try to add some. Hope can get the same result as today.

You might wonder why these days I need to prepare three bentos. As usual, Isaac will spend his day in my sis house and it's school holiday now, my niece & nephew are at home. So the additional two bentos are for them. How can this auntie be bias? (^_^)

The egg sheet is inside the bread, I used it to wrap some chicken floss.


Lia Chen said...

It's great idea to roll up the sandwich and decorate it with nori. Your bento turns out very cute and love the picks also (^.^)

Vanessa said...

Thanks Lia Chen for your kind words. I think the bread is slightly longer, it would be better if I cut the bread into two. :P


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