Oct 30, 2009

Bento #107 - Black Mouse

This morning I woke up at 5AM to prepare 90 pieces of chicken floss sandwich for my niece & nephew's Children Day. With help from my sis and her maid, we manage to get everything done on time (6:30AM). So I have plenty of time to pack bento for Isaac. I didn't pack a nice bento indeed, I spent the time to have some sandwich and a cup of hot white coffee. Meanwhile, I tried out this black mouse (~_~).

When I first started bento-ing, I saw few bento mama dye the eggs into brown, pink.... I also wanna give a try. I guess brown is because of soy sauce, but how about black? Kekeke.... this again not what I have expected, I want a "Pink Mouse". I put some ribena in a small bowl and turn the quail egg around, it seems like the colour cannot stick on it after few minutes. I took it out and leave it in the air for few minutes, then it turned to black.... hahahaha... mouse on the street meant to be black right.... (^@^).

Oct 29, 2009

Bento #106 - Halloween ~~

Promised Isaac to fix him another Halloween Bento with pumpkin & witch. Since tomorrow I will be busy helping my sis to prepare sandwich for her kids on "Children Day", so I choose to fix it today. As usual, the cheese & nori, I prepared last night while Isaac was practising piano, so I can enjoy cutting with good music played... kekekek (^_^)

Everything work perfectly fine but not the witch & pumpkin. I have high expectation on the outcome, again I am disappointed. You can't see witch right? I put the witch I cut out from nori on carrot, thought of using carrot as the base, then I can make the witch flying. This morning when have a look at the witch, ohh gosh... the nori can't stick well on carrot, it curled up. Same thing goes to the pumpkin (T_T)...

This set of exquisite accessory - "Fungo ~ Night Glow Jibbitz" I got it from online store to put on my boy's crocs shoe and hand band. It is selling at very cheap price, so I thought it must be with low quality. My boy choosen this set as it is the only set which can grow in the dark.

When I got the parcel, it really surprised me, I can't believe the handwork is so delicate. Isaac like this "Transportation Jibbits" too. Since it is selling at cheap price with good quality, I purchased a set for him too (~_~).

Oct 26, 2009

Bento #103 - Dolphin

I wanted to place the dolphins like they are jumping up from the sea, but the chiffon cake is very soft, I can only place them like what you can see. I bought some golden kiwi yesterday, so I packed some for Isaac. He loves golden kiwi. If you have never tried golden kiwi, you should have a try. It taste totally different from green kiwi. Green kiwi is sour but golden kiwi is sweet and like its name, yellow in colour.

Oct 23, 2009

Bento #102 - Moo Moo Cow

No bread today, I used egg sheet instead. Pretty simple bento but Isaac almost late for school because my alarm clock is not ringing again (T_T). I rolled sausage and crab stick with egg sheet, then cut them into small pieces and string them using a long pick.

My boy told me it has been quite some time he didn't eat ham. Yeah, the last bento with ham was 2 weeks back, and he dropped the whole bread on the floor, that's why he feel like "long time" didn't eat ham (^_^). So I added two small pieces of ham into bento today, with two little "Moo Moo Cow" cheese.

Egg roll with sausage & crab stick, ham with "Moo Moo Cow" cheese topping and some apples.

Added tomato sauce (the pineapple & strawberry) as requested by Isaac. Wah seh... now know to request dressing (~o~).

Oct 22, 2009

Bento #101 - Halloween Haunted House !!

Halloween is just around the corner. Although this event is not highly celebrated in Malaysia, but I still fixed my boy an "Haunted House" to introduce him this event. Without pumpkin, it's like something missing and not complete. I already have some idea in mind, will fix Isaac another "Halloween Bento" next week. Stay with me yeah! (^_^)

Chicken floss sandwich beneath the cheese.

Disneyland Hong Kong, Halloween brochure.

To make the moon, cut a circle on the big piece of yellow cheese and replace it with an orange cheese. It will fit nicely into the whole.

Oct 21, 2009

~ Hooray ~ Bento #100 - Mickey Mouse

Yippie... Bento #100 finally out from oven!! Although it didn't meet my expectation, but at least something different... kekeke...

This morning before Isaac view his bento, he asked whether I successfully fix the Mickey. I didn't tell him the answer, let him checked it out himself, as I also don't know should consider successful or not. He looked at the Mickey and told me, "Yes, successful. Wah, so nice, but the eyes too small..." **phew**

On the left is the base, the other side of cheese, in case the Mickey doesn't turn out nice, then I can still use it (~0~). In fact, hubby & I vote for the black plain Mickey (@_@)!!

Oct 20, 2009

Long waited tools ......

Where is Bento #100 ?

I suppose to post Bento #100 today... but...

Since it is Bento #100, another milestone, I should fix something nice and not simple. I decided to make a Mickey. I looked at the Mickey, no clue how to make it. If were to follow way of doing Mr. Simpson Bento, I don't think it will look nice. Some more I was tired, lazy to scratch it out.

I think of another simpler way, which I think will save time and turn out to be nice. I woke up slightly early and start fixing Mickey Bento. Things didn't run as what I have expected. I spent about an hour and finally gave up due to running out of time. I know I need at least another half an hour.

I reserved Bento #100 for tomorrow. End up I just packed Isaac some Tambun biscuit hubby bought from Penang. This is the work that I have partially done!! (@-@)

I am going to fix another Mickey tonight. Safer to fix complicated bento a night before, at least I can redo if unexpected thing happen again...

Oct 19, 2009

Bento #99 - Let's go to the Zoo ~~

Tiger, Rabbit, Pig, Panda & Bear.

Added giraffe, elephant, lion, monkey and another tiger, Rabbit & Panda into the zoo (~o~).

Zippy zoo, the animals are having party.

Oct 15, 2009

Bento #97 - Pingu Catch Fish

Thought of fixing something like rice ball for Isaac, wrap the rice with nori, but use bread instead of rice. I have "Pingu" (a kids cartoon) in my mind. But it's too difficult to wrap bread with nori, probably because of lack of skill.

End up, I still came out "Pingu" but redo it as the nori cannot be used anymore. Today bento should consider a fast bento if don't take count time wasted on wrapping the bread (^@^).


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