Apr 30, 2010

Bento #177 - Doraemon (ドラえもん)

Isaac's kindy will on and off have special theme on Friday. On that day, children have to wear according to the theme. Today is a Rainbow Day, kids are requested to wear colourful shirt to school. Isaac chose a long sleeve shirt with colourful stripes and said to me the shirt is just nice for the theme (^0^).....

In fact, I should fix him something a colourful bento, or maybe a rainbow bento to match the theme. But I only have this idea in mind after having the Doraemon fixed. I have to bear in mind, next theme, I should fix something related to promote the theme and make the day more special... hehehe


Deby Suwito said...

Glad you're back posting!
He's fully recovered now, eh?
Love the doraemon.
Hey, does he now eat his carrot?
Mine stil not...

Vanessa said...

@Deby: Thanks Deby, you are so caring.... Yes, he is fully recovered now.

Yeah, he still doesn't like, but will finish it for me.... kekeke (I didn't force him, but I told him I "wish" he can finish it as it's good for eye sight)


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