Apr 5, 2010

What was I doing?

I have finally sent out Test Summary Report on the project I engaged with to PM last Thursday. It's time for me to at least take a short break. I just posted Monster Bento few hours ago and I started to think back what I have done in past few weeks, because the Monster Bento I fixed was actually quite some time ago. What was I doing after that? Why no bento for Isaac?

Now I remember, I went to Singapore for Software Testing Conference on 24th March and came back late night on 25th. With a tired mind, I couldn't affort to prepare bento on Friday.

Saturday evening, again I stepped into LCCT, but this time I was more excited, I have been long waited for this day -- Family Trip to Langkawi. The trip not only three of us, but also my siblings, nieces & nephew and my sis's parent-in-law. Fourteen of us in total... big group hoh!! We went there for four days and again, came back late night. I allowed Isaac to skip one more day of school so that he could recharge his "battery". Isaac kindy off last Friday to celebrate Good Friday. So basically last week he only attended one day of class.

So for the passed few weeks, I was not just busy with work, but also searching singapore hotels, langkawi hotels, flight booking and Langkawi itinerary. But of course main thing still woooorrrkkkk !!! Now you know why my blog stay quiet for quite some time yeah (Q.Q) !!

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