Apr 7, 2010

Bento #164 - Fly Little Ladybug

After honeybee is little ladybug. I have been trying to make Isaac love cheese more, but seems like no progress so far. When I told him I gonna fix him bento using cheese, he again negotiated with me, asked to replace cheese with egg (~_~). I thought this time he will bring back a complete ladybug for me. Surprising he finished all!! OK I promised will try to reduce cheese but not totally omit. I don't know what else I can use if not cheese, at least now I can swap between cheese and egg and once a while ham (-_-).


Lia Chen said...

Ah happy to hear that he finally eat the cheese. I hope you can make more variation with the cheese now from time to time and hope he will clean it up ;) Cute ladybug, nice color with layers!

Vanessa said...

@Lia: Thanks, hope one day he will ask for cheese (^_^).

Deby Suwito said...

I love the ladybug...it's so cute.
what is that the red thing next to the lady bug...crab stick?? so big la..


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