Apr 6, 2010

Bento #163 - Honeybee March

The bees were made from egg roll. Let me briefly describe how I prepare the egg roll, I totally forgot to snap some photos during the preparation until last egg roll was taken out from pan.

Well mix the egg the pan-fry it, just like how we prepare egg sheet. When it is almost cook, off the stove and put some chicken floss on top and roll it over. I don't know does it make any difference if I put chicken floss on the egg sheet after it is cooling down. (-_-)

I then cut the egg roll into small piece and decorate it as honeybee. I packed some tomato into the sauce container I just bought last week. It comes with another three small size bottle, but with apple (or maybe is tomato) as the lid. Cute, I love this sauce containers.

Close shot on the egg roll. Try it out, simple to prepare and nice to eat, but abit unhealthy as it is pan-fry.


tatabonita said...

Hi, your bees are so adorable, love them :D. Love your beautiful blog too :D

Lia Chen said...

Let's marching ... marching! So cute! Never thought to make egg roll with floss fill in. What is your kid's favorite floss?

Lia Chen said...

Oh yah forgot! Please pick up 2 awards from my blog here.

Lyn said...

Good job ESL! Very creative and healthy food, I am going to try it out today!!

The Bargowo said...

Cute bees :)

it looks yummy, chicken floss inside the egg roll.

i'll try this @ home.

Thank u for inspiring me :)

Vanessa said...

@totabonita: Thanks, I love your bento too, nice and colourful! Sorry, I have linked it in my blog without asking your permission, hope you don't mind (*_~). Feel free to visit my "HoMe".

@Lia: You make me think of the movie "BEE". Yes, let's march and and get some honey back (*o*). My son actually love the floss with seaweek. Seaweek is one of his favourite junk food :)
Wau! Award for me, TQ. Will go your house to grab it yeah :)

@Lyn: Your words make me got "Ohmm" to come out more ideas (*o*) TQ TQ. Try it out yeah!

@The Bargowo: Happy to hear that you love this idea too. Feel free to visit my "HoMe".


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