May 7, 2010

Why I have been quiet ...

Yes, I have been quiet for about a week because my little prince was having high fever, for 5 days and the highest record in the 5 days was 39.9 celsius. I didn't go to work for 2 days to take care of him day and night. That kind of worries, I believe all moms can feel it......

It started on Saturday evening at home town. Our home town(hubby and I are from same home town) is not far from KL but not near either, need to travel about 2.5 hours. Normally with that hours, using highway can reach Melacca (another state), but mine still within Selangor. We went back just to have dinner with my father-in-law, that day was his birthday. He can't really walk now, so we only have dinner at home.

We came back KL the next morning (normally we will come back in the afternoon or evening). I prefer to stay at own house, especially when my kid is sick, more confortable and convenient. Due to Labour Day, child specialist Isaac used to visit was close for two days. I consulted doctor on Monday morning. Doctor said was caused by his swelling throat, but seems like getting better, so didn't give any antibiotic as Isaac just taken a bottle of it last week (if you still remember, he almost missed his soccer field trip).

After a noon nap, Isaac's fever just shot up like rocket, went up to 39.9 celsius. I called the clicnic and asked for antibiotic and immediately insert medicine into his anus. Fever continued for another 2 days and thank god his body temperature was back to normal on Wednesday night, if not, I would have admitted him to hospital. I didn't send him to school on Thursday to monitor and make sure he is fully recovered.

I got a message from Deby, another bento mama, via Facebook. She realized that I MIA (missing in action) for so long, therefore sending me a message to see is everything going right with me. How caring she is.... Thanks Deby (*0*)

How to stop blogging? Especially it can brings you lovely and caring friends..... (^_^)

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