Apr 2, 2010

Yamaha JMC Fundamental Skills Survey

13-12-2009 (Sunday) is another milestone in Isaac's growing journey. He has his first music exam at Yamaha Kelana Jaya (HQ). This Yamaha Grade Examination is called Junior Music Course Foundamental Skills Survey. They will test candidate's listening, singing, playing, reading and creating ability. They evaluate using three sizes of star - big, medium and small.

Big Star : You have shown excellent achievement in the two years.
Medium Star : You have shown solid achievement in the two years.
Small Star : You have shown achievement in the two years.

Candidate has to prepare a song to sing, two repertoire to play from JMC books. Isaac chosen to sing 'Lullaby of Stars', repertoire 'Falling Leaves' and 'Lavendar Blue'.

After four months waiting, finally we got the comment sheet and certificate. Isaac was excited and nervous when I told him result was out. We arrived music center slightly early than usual today, but the assistant told us result was with the teacher.

Isaac got excellent result, five big stars and one medium star. Of course I am happy not only because of the result but his progress and effort along the way.

Result details:

Listening (Melody) - B Star
  • Did very well.
  • Recognized note names correctly.
  • Recognized molodic structure and phrasing well.

    Listening (Harmony) - M Star
  • Recognized each chord.
  • Recognized chords in same tempo as teacher.

    Singing - B Star
  • Sang with rich expression.
  • Sang with gentle voice.
  • Sang with clear words and note names.

    Playing - B Star
  • Played each note corefully.
  • Played lively and rhythmically.
  • Played with appropriate tempo.

    Reading - B Star
  • Did very well.
  • Read notes with good flow on music.

    Creating - B Star
  • Did very well.
  • Played correct chords for the melody.
  • Played suitable accompaniment pattern.

    Teacher's Overall Comment:
    You were very responsive in the music class and enjoyed every subject. Keep up the good effort to develop your music ability.

    Examiner's Overall Comment:
    Could pitch accurately. A well prepared candidate.


    De Sweet Years said...

    Hi. May i know is your boy still continuing yamaha couse?

    Vanessa said...

    Nope, I stopped his class after completed JXC. He is now doing his ABRSM. :)


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