Jan 21, 2010

Bento #136 - Something Simple ...

These few days I did pack some simple bento for Isaac, but it's too simple until I feel embarrased to post it (@.@) Today is another simple bento, but I decided to post it as my hand is itchy and I feel sick for not blogging for few days. Hei, now if I don't blog for couple of days, I have the feeling like few days didn't communicate with bento mamas... weird.... (O.o)

I have finally stocked up my fridge, I did a quick grocery shopping during lunch and bought some golden kiwi, cheese sausage and nuggets (requested by Isaac for quite some time already). So bento today I packed a whole golden kiwi, two cheese sausages and a pandan tambun biscuit.


Lia Chen said...

Golden kiwi is great in taste and a lot of vitamin too. Nice thought to pack it in a cute Pooh box. Love to see your bento :)

Michelle said...


ADD 你 咯。

~Rachel Hei~ said...

Golden kiwi is my princess favourite too.. ^^

Vanessa said...

@Lia: Thanks for your sweet comment.

@Michelle: 嘻嘻,只是玩玩而已。我也很高兴认识多一位网友,这可要多谢 Rachel 了。

@Rachel: I think most of the kids like golden kiwi because it is sweet, unlike green kiwi. (^o^)


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