Jan 15, 2010

~~ Happy 101 ~~

Many THANKS to Lia Chen for passing me this award, it means so much to me. Bentolicious operates by Lia Chen giving the guests a very comfortable feel, you will simply want stay longer in there. If you wish to get some tips of bento-ing, Bentolicious is definately a good choice. Besides, you will be amazed by all her bento tools collections, she has numerous of food picks, egg & rice moulds, sauce containers and bento books (as far as I know). Check out this great blog, I am sure you will love it too (^o^).

Upon receiving this award, few things I ought to do:
@@ Copy the award image into a post
@@ List 10 things that make me happy
@@ Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day, put in a link to their blog & notify the award receivers
@@ I should link back to the sender's blog.

I have deep thought on 10 things that make me happy, at the time being, they are:

1. Have a man who loves me and spends his life with me
2. Have a thoughtful and endearing son
3. When Isaac is happy
4. When 3 of us hug together
5. Clean up my Home Sweet Home
6. Afternoon nap during weekend
7. Travelling with my family (must have hubby and Isaac along)
8. All about bento - prepare bento, shop for bento gadgets, reading bento blogs...
9. Receive comments and awards from bento mama
10. Bonus and increment ($_$)

I would like to pass this award to:
仪仪妈咪 ; Lian Mama ; shoppingmum ; 咸 媽 咪 ; Leanne ; 小薰妈 ; mushima hawani

I wish to pass the award to Rachel, , The Kitchen 70's and tatabonita~Bonito's Cooking Wonderland, but they have this award received, I am so sorry I break the rules (T_T)...


~ 仪仪妈咪 ~ said...

tq vy much~

Vanessa said...

仪仪妈咪, your are most welcome, you deserve it.. you have a nice blog, thanks for sharing (^_^)

小薰妈 said...


Vanessa said...

小薰妈,欢迎欢迎,你应得的 (^_^)

mushima hawani said...

Thanks Vanessa for passing this award for me. I hope this motivates me to make some bento again


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