Jan 4, 2010

Bento #127 - 1st Simple Bento in Year 2010

Happy New Year to Everyone!

This is 1st bento in Year 2010, I should fix something special or at least something nicer but I did not. My boy was suffering from rashes last night and it was a sleepless night for three of us.

Isaac has allergy since baby, he was allergic to cow milk, chlorine and seaweed as far as I know, but was getting better with every passing years. In my memories, his last allergic reaction was at the age of 1+.

I thought it was mosquito bite, so in the gloom, I applied some ointment on the rashes. Normally he will continue his dream after that but not for yesterday. I on all the lights at 1AM intended to kill the mosquito(s). Hubby hitched up Isaac's pants, then only we realized it was rashes.

I do not want Isaac to absent on 1st day of school, I am very sure that allegy will not spread, so I sent him to kindy as usual. I went back to see him during lunch hour. Seems like the rashes are getting worse. The paedeatric Isaac used to visit will only reopen in the evening, no choice, he has to suffer for few more hours.

Doctor confirmed those are rashes and is caused by allegy, but do not know the root cause of it. Hope the allegy medicine can comfort him (^_^).

That's the whole story why I just fixed something simple today....

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