Jan 11, 2010

Bento #131 - Love Bento

When I set my phone alarm clock to ring at 6:45am? Ohh yeah, now only I remember, last Thursday I went karaoke with colleagues until late night, so I adjusted the alarm clock to ring slightly late than usual. Aii... again, Monday blur (@.@)

The time I have only allows me to prepare something simple. The bread is spreaded with some jam, then some heard shape ham on top. I packed a mini tangerine and half apple that is also cut into heart shape into the bento.

I have difficulty to give a name to my daily bento. Some bento Mamas are really creative, they not only fix nice bento, but also give a nice name to it. I have rack my brain to fix the daily bento, no more left to think about the name... kekekeke (^_^).


Lia Chen said...

We are in the same channel Vanessa ... I just put the number instead of thinking the title for the bento everyday wakakakak ... *high five* I love the 'love bento'. I would like to have it on Valentine's Day (^.^)

Vanessa said...

You are right, should fix another LOVE bento on Valentine's Day. But I don't think so I will do that this year, as it is 1st day of Chinese New Year. (^.^)

~Rachel Hei~ said...

This bento is just simply lovely..
Vanessa, you cut the square shapes on the apple by knife?

Vanessa said...

Rachel, thanks for your kind words. Yes, I cut the square shapes using knife.

I cut some fine lines on the skin of the apple, and pick up the skin using a thin knife. Then you will have that checker effect. Come, give a try !!!!

~Rachel Hei~ said...

thanks for the tips Vanessa, will give it a try next time..^^

Vanessa said...

@Rachel: I am sure u will share the post with us :)


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