Jan 12, 2010

Bento #132 - Bread Off Day !!

I am a typical Malaysian, easily get bored with bread for breakfast. I can only accept bread on weekday but not weekend, so my breakfast on weekend will normally be noodle, nasi lemak, roti canai etc. Still remember when I was in Netherland, I ate bread for breakfast and lunch. You can actually make sandwiches with different fillings everyday and even every meal, as they served variety of cheeses, hams, fruits and veges. But I started to miss Malaysian food after few days of bread meals(@_@).

I am sure Isaac also get bored with bread. Ever since last year end school holiday, I only fixed him bento with bread. I decided to get rid of bread today (^_^), so I cooked animal pasta for Isaac. That pasta was given by my colleague, I have been looking for cute pasta for quite some time. Unlike western countries, it's not easy to find cute pasta in KL. If you are also looking for cute pasta, maybe you can go to the grocery shop in Pavilion. I just got a pack of Pokemon pasta few weeks ago.

I didn't decorate the pasta as I know Isaac will have not enough time to finish it up. But, the main reason is, I do not have idea how to decorate it (^@^).

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