Jan 27, 2010

Bento #139 - The Lion King

That day swam to Susan Yuen's house (blog) and saw her bought a nested triangular box and then fixed her kids a Lion Cub Bento. The lion cub was so cute until I can't wait to fix one for my boy.

Today I did snap some photos on how I prepared the sandwich.

  1. Prepare two slices of bread, egg with mayonnaise and a triangular rice mould. I used small rice mould for Isaac.
  2. Put some mayo egg in between 2 breads, use the rice mould to cut out a triangular sandwich.
  3. The mayo egg is sealed nicely.
  4. Cut the lion head and nose from cheese. I use two different cheese in this case so that the nose can be obviously seen.
  5. Stack the cheese on top of the sandwich. Cut the face features from nori.

~~ Task accomplished !! ~~

The food cup is just nice to serve as the lion mane. Besides, its colour matches with cheese (@.@)


Lia Chen said...

Vanessa, great tutorial on how to make it. Thanks for sharing! So cute and the lion have the freckles too hehehe ... :)

Vanessa said...

@Lia: This is the word "freckles" ... I wanted to mention that, but don't know what it's called. (X.X)


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