Aug 20, 2009

Bento #68 - Sea Lion's Family

I was thinking whether to name today's bento as "Seal" or "Sea Lion". Since Isaac said it looks more like sea lion, therefore I respect his judgement.

Actually it's really hard to judge whether the animal is seal or sea lion as they share many characteristics. But there are a few important features we can use to distinguish them.

Seals' (Phocidae) front flippers are generally furry, small and weak, so these marine mammals move on land by using their diminutive forward appendages to wiggle forward. They use their back flippers to generate powerful strokes when swimming in the water.

Sea Lion (Otariidae) have larger, hairless flippers which they use more effectively on land. Sea lions can rotate their hind flippers toward the ground so they're able to walk on all four appendages. They make use of their fore flippers when propelling themselves through water. They make use of their fore flippers when propelling themselves through water.

Detail information can be found HERE.

As I always run out of time, therefore I decided to come out a standard procedures. I got all the "shapes" ready beforehand, thought it might speed up the process. In fact it didn't work to me, probably because I prepared too many sea lions and pups (^_^).

This happy sea lion family consist of 5 members -- Papa, Mama, Koko, Meimei & Didi


~Rachel~ said...

The sea lion family look pretty cute..^_^
Vanessa, can i know where do you buy those mini flower cutters?

Vanessa said...

Rachel, that cutter I bought from 100 Yen shop nearby my house. They have total of 8 different sets, but I only collect 7 of them.

You can view those sets in:

Interested? I can help you to buy and send over to you. Each is RM4.90 ^_^

~Rachel~ said...

Yes.. i am very interested..^_^ but it is fine.. i will pay a visit to 100 yen when i go back next time.. It gonna trouble you to buy and send it over to me..hehe
I am really appreciate of your kindness..
By the way, are you staying in Kuchai Lama?

emily said...

Sling.. you are really creative in preparing bento for you boy..he is so lucky.. ^^

Vanessa said...

Emily, thanks for your compliment. I just try my best to do what I can do for him ^_^


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