Aug 13, 2009

Bento #63 - Beautiful Bird @ Peacock

Do you know that male peafowl is called peacock whereas female peafowl is called peahen? Peacock has brilliant tail feathers with bright spots on it which are known as "eyes". Peahen is duller in comparison and mostly brown, with pale underparts and shorter tail. So the peafowl I fixed should be MALE (^_^).

Bread with blueberry jam and some oranges.

The tail is made of egg sheet, "eyes" are from seapack and body from carrot.


~Rachel~ said...

The peacock looks pretty, great job..^_^
You cut the carrot by knife?

Vanessa said...

Thanks Rachel. I use scissors to cut the shape. The carrot is very thin, so pretty easy to cut. If use knife to cut curve will be slightly "考功夫" ^_^

Leanne Leong said...

wow, sweeling! i hvn't look at your blog for a long time and suddenly i found that you have created 63 bentos! my, you are really crazy about bento eh... :) they look really nice. bravo!

Vanessa said...

Juliana, thanks for your compliment ^_^
Try it out for ur little princess one day, and when u see her reaction, u will probably like me, keep on doing... hehehe

Leanne Leong said...

Vanessa... yes, i think i should try making a bento... Let me get those necessary utensils first... thanks for the inspiration... :)



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