Aug 6, 2009

Bento #58 - Golden Hamsters

Today's bento is hamsters. As you can see, I really put some effort to scratch it out a night before. I cut the bread and stored it in air tight container. This morning, I dipped it into egg mixture, then pan fried it so that I got the golden effect... kekeke.

Golden hamster bread with some apple. "H" stand for Hamster House ^_^

Every morning, Isaac will take a look at his bento before I put it nicely in his bag. As usual, he have a look at his bento this morning. I actually put the hamsters in another layer after snapping few photos. Hubby trying to tie the bento box nicely with bento strip after showing it to Isaac. What a sad thing, 2nd layer slipped away and dropped on the floor.

I went office ealier today, didn't watch the whole scene. According to hubby, Isaac was stunned and both eyes turned red. But he dare not cry, just stared at his Papa. Hubby feel so sorry to him & me. He hugged him and apologized.

Isaac called me on his way to kindy. He told me Papa dropped his bento. When he talked, his eyes again turned red. But when I asked him whether he felt sad, he said nope. So today his bento solely apple @_@

Hubby did called me to apologized too, he felt guilty as all my effort was wasted. It's OK, no body wants that right? Cheers.... ^_^


~Rachel~ said...

Can see your effort in making the Hamsters, great work!! ^_^
I am sure Issac can feel it too even he can't have the Hamsters as his breakfast..^_^

瑞玲の点点滴滴 said...

Thanks Rachel. He requested me to make again the hamsters >_^


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