Aug 3, 2009

Bento #55 - Butter Bread Sticks

When I was working in KLCC, I used to buy Meiji Plain Cracker from Isetan. We love this cracker very much. Hubby and I love to dip it into coffee whereas Isaac loves to dip it into chocolate sauce.

Ever since joining current company, I have never buy this cracker anymore. Why? They have increase the price, from RM19.90 to RM RM29.90 T_T . Besides, I can't find this big packet selling in nearby hypermarket.

Last week, all the sudden think of this cracker, so decided to prepare some butter bread sticks as substitution. I cut the bread into rectangular (I cut it yesterday night to speed up today's bento-ing, as I have meeting with Brisbane office every Monday), speaded some butter on it, then toasted it in oven. I melted few dark chocolates in hot boiled water as the chocolate sauce.

Butter bread sticks with dark chocolate sauce and half golden kiwi.

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