May 19, 2010

Bento #184 - Shaun the Sheep

Do your know there is this cartoon in the market? It's OK if you don't know, especially if you have no kid. Unlike those days (when I was a little girl), cartoons were so limited, few popular one were Popoye the Sailor Man, Woody Woodpacker, Ultraman, Mickey Mouse and etc, really not many. But these days, the cartoons in the market is too many to enumerate.

Last weekend I went back home during lunch, Astro was showing this cartoon. The sheep drew my attention. It's so cute, just like the nursery rhyme - Baa Baa Black Sheep. I thought the sheep must have named 'Baa Baa', therefore asked Isaac to double confirm. In fact it is not, Isaac told me the sheep is called Shaun Sheep. "Sean? How to spell?" I asked. "S.H.A.U.N" He answered. I was doubted honestly (^.^).

I googled for 'Shaun Sheep' after back to office. Hey, it's corret! Cool, this is another bento idea, not too hard to fix.... hehehehe

~~ Are we look alike each other? ~~


Bento Box / Asfora said...

I love your bento! Some trivia for you (from wiki!): The character "Shaun the Sheep" first appeared in the 1995 Oscar-winning Wallace and Gromit short film "A Close Shave". Sucked into Wallace's Knit-o-matic contraption, the sheep is accidentally shorn, so Wallace names him "Shaun" (a pun as "Shaun" sounds identical to "shorn"

Shorn is the past partiple of to shear, which means having the hair or wool cut or clipped off as if with shears or clippers

Keep up the fabulous work! :o)

Deby Suwito said...

hahaha..yr shaun is so cute..
thanks for telling bout this sheep.. me no idea also...i wud have guessed the name is baa baa too.. ^_^

Vanessa said...

@Asfora: Oh, story behind the scene. First appeared in the 1995, now only I aware of this cartoon. Thanks for the info (^.^)

@Deby: Should thank Asfora also right. If got chance, watch this cartoon, it's cute....

Susan Yuen said...

I love this bento! Shaun the Sheep is so cute and you really did a fantastic job on him!

Vanessa said...

@Susan: Thanks for your sweet comment, I am a fan of u (^.^)

tona-mama said...

Hihi, I've been following your blog quietly for some time already but never said hi..

I did 1 bento following yours.. but so pai say.. looks nothing like yours.. will definitely try again!

Jus wanted to say I love your bentos!! Do drop by if you have the time!

God Bless!!

Vanessa said...

@tona-mama: Hello... nice to meet you here. Thanks for your support, it's food for my mind.

No pai say, at least Kimi able to tell it's sheep right and I can see it's sheep too (^.^)

I have added your blog to my prince's "castle", so that I don't miss any single update from you...

God Bless!!


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