May 21, 2010

Bento #186 - Egg Roses Bento

Another flower bento (*0*) Did your heart sing with joy because of the flowers (心花怒放)? Recently Isaac couldn't finish the bento I packed for him, obviuosly I have already reduce the size. Ever since he recovered from high fever, I realized his appetite reduced. Wonder is it too little time is given or get bored with bread. I believe all mummy will be happy to see thier kids have good appetite. To improve Isaac's appetite, today I packed food he loves, which is egg.

I prepared an eggsheet and make it into two roses. In fact with that eggsheet size, I can have three roses. I didn't forget to packed some tomato sauce to eat with the egg. There is a jelly in the bento box, I am sure Isaac gonna have a Happy Friday!

~~Here are some pictures on how to make the egg rose. Enjoy !! ~~


~Rachel Hei~ said...

I love the egg roses idea, will give it a try next time.. ^^

Vanessa said...

@Rachel: Cool....


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