May 26, 2010

Bento #187 - Egg Sandwich Bento

Can't think of a nice name for bento today, since it's egg filling, therefore just name it as 'Egg Sandwich'... kekeke.

I asked Isaac what jam he prefer for the bread tomorrow, he requested egg instead of jam. What I can think of is eggsheet with some chicken floss. But other than seal the bread using sandwich mould, there is no way for the chicken floss not to fall out. Hmm... I come out this idea, put the chicken floss onto eggsheet before the eggsheet is well cooked. Here is the picture of the eggsheet.

Colleague of my sister gave me a pack of jack fruit last night. While eating, I told Isaac it has been long long time I didn't eat jack fruit, it taste so nice. Isaac replied me with "Mummy, you are much better than me, this is my first time eating jack fruit".... (~.~) I grew up in small "Kampung" (village), jack fruit can easily find and it's free. But ever since I stay in KL, in my memory, I have never buy jack fruit and never think to buy it (wonder why....) (-_-)


~Rachel Hei~ said...

My eyes were focus on the little green bear pick on the jack fruit.. haha..I love jack fruits too and yes, we can easily get it in the kampung for free. It was a sweet memory.
The pan is the one you bought with the picks? How is it? Nice?

mushima hawani said...

It's a great Idea Vanessa, to put the to put chicken floss into eggsheet. I think I will try it someday :)

And you have a cute smiley brightly sun. I bet your son is very happy when eat his bento :)

Vanessa said...

@Rachel: Haha, I think u r slowly bento addicted!

@Mushima: Great to hear that you like the idea. (*.^)


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