Nov 10, 2009

Birthday ~~ Part V: 5th Birthday Gifts

First of all, I would like to share this video with you...

I love this video, I like to see Isaac's reaction, it's so natural and innocent (*0*).

Yes, a LEGO 7744 City Police Headquaters. It is absolutely a brilliant set, the details are just incredible! It has lots of realistic details, including gates that open, garage doors that slide open, prison cells with toilets and beds, keys hanging outside the prison cells, and even handcuffs to put on the prisoners! Police Headquarters has rooms for interrogation, a coffee break, computer work, and a refrigerator with water cooler!

Immediately Isaac fixed the transport truck, car and motorcycle. It's not hard to fix even he is only 5 years old as very detail steps are given. It took him about 2 hours to complete the 3 vehicle with his Papa's minimum help. By the time finished, it's 1AM in the morning (@_@). He was so concerntrated while fixing.

Isaac didn't miss a single second he has to get the police headquater fixed. The moment he woke up, the came down by himself which he normally don't and continue fixing. See, before we go out for sushi, he still fixing. If not because he loves sushi, he will rather ask me to "tapau".

Isaac completed the police headquater at night and here is the final result. Some photos to share with you about the headquater. Enjoy!!

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