Nov 10, 2009

Birthday ~~ Part III: Celebration at Kindergarten

Sorry to keep you waiting.....

This morning I woke up at 4:30am and start bento-ing. 35 bentos, I was running a risk actually, I didn't know the bento will turn out nice and I didn't know the kids will like it and most important thing, I didn't know whether I can complete on time.

Let me show you some of the ingredients:

My sister did offer her maid to me, but I rejected. Time passed without realizing, I have over estimated myself, I haven't start decorate the quail eggs at 6am. I knew I gonna screw up everything if I insist to do everthing by myself. Without futher delay, I rang my sis for her maid's help... kekeke

Still, I didn't manage to complete before 8:30am but an hour later, luckily snack time starts at 10:15am. **phew**. Didn't have time to snap photos of the processed quail eggs and sausages, and unable to take photo of all the bentos as I was busy labelling them and put them directly into plastic bag once labeled.

So I will say mission completed successfully (^_^)

Above is the end result, simple but full of LOVE (*_*). Mickey is for boys and Minnie is for girls. Some kids got rabbit & bear quail eggs, some chicken & bear and some mouse & bear. The sandwiches with chicken floss filling and some mayonnaise. Actually only 24 kids in Isaac's class, but he requested to fix for his favourite teachers, total 8 of them. I made extra three for my niece, nephew and one of Isaac's friend in another class.

Here are some photos teacher took during snack time:

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serene said...

Good job, mummy !! Issac must be very proud of you ! I think you are the first ever mummy who prepared bento for kids' party pack !! really 爱心爆棚 ! I wish my sons will be same class as Issac..kekekke... :p


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