Nov 10, 2009

Birthday ~~ Part I: Preparation

Happy Birthday... My Little Prince... Wishing you healthy always, cheerful all the time and may the angels protect you....

This is gonna be a long post, I know it will takes me few hours to write it, thus I seperated it into few parts (Preparation, Early Celebration, Birthday Celebration at Kindy, Celebration At Home and Gift), so that won't keep you waiting (^_^).

It's very common in KL (no sure whether same goes to other state), birthday kid will bring party packs to kindy and share with his/her friends. My time, birthday kid receives presents but now is the other way round (^_^).

I started to think about the party pack a month ago. Last year I prepared steel pencil case but this year I want to have something else. Since Isaac's classmates always admire his bento and food sharing is not allowed in kindy, I decided to fix all his friends a simple bento. I doubted whether I can make 35 bentos in one morning....

I went Daiso to look for picks but can't find cheap and suitable pick. I decided to DIY. It's budget, simple and you can have any design you wish.

What you need is:
1) Deco Tape (Tape with preprinted picture)
2) Bamboo Tooth Picks
3) Scissor

Here is "The Making of Picks":

Simple right... don't wait, start to do your own unique picks....

Stay tune, part II coming up soon...


J.O said...



Vanessa said...

Hi~ 欢迎光临,有空来坐坐。。。
没关系,我华语也比英语好 (^_^),不知为何,一开始就用英语写,只好继续下去。。。咔咔咔。。。


小薰妈 said...


~Rachel Hei~ said...

These picks were cute.. your prince must be like it so much..
Wish him a very happy birthday..^_^

Vanessa said...

小薰妈,还真巧呖!我刚到你那里坐坐,想偷师,却又找不到 :(

Thanks Rachel, thanks for your birthday wish.


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