Nov 6, 2009

Bento #112 - Moo Moo Mannequin

Yesterday night before reading Isaac story, I simply mention don't know what to prepare for him tomorrow. He then expressed his thought, he said it is quite boring to have bread everyday as he doesn't really like cheese. I explained to him why I use cheese most of the time, because it is high in calcium. Other food such as quail egg, sausage and ham is not good for health if we consume too much. Beside, the bento will be very plain without cheese.

Because of Isaac's words, I think so hard to come out something special for him. Finally I think of this Moo Moo Cow. Egg without egg yolk but with chicken floss, special enough right (^_^)...

Cut the egg, remove the egg yolk and put in some chicken floss.

Seal the hole with nori, with help of cling wrap.

Cut the ears and nose from the egg cut out earlier. Cut eyes and nose from nori.

I named it as "Mannequin" because of the bento box. The moo moo cow like standing behind a transparent window, just like mannequin. kekeke.... (^_^)


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噢!真巧 (^_^)。


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