Nov 19, 2009

Best Conduct Award

Last Saturday was Graduation & Awards Day for Isaac's kindergarten, it is mainly for year 6 children and those who got awarded by the class teacher. I am very glad that Isaac got invited, it means he got awarded. I received a letter from kindy two weeks ago, informing me that Isaac was awarded as "Best Conduct".

What is that prize meant? Isaac's form teacher Ms. Angeline called me on the following day, explaining to me what that awards meant. Actually, I did put high hope that Isaac will most likely get awarded as "Best Reader in English" as his teacher told me his reading is good. Besides, he got this award from his previous kindy. Teacher Angeline clarify with me, "Best Conduct" is given to student who is good in academy and well behave in the class. Well behave doesn't mean he is good boy in the class all the time, but when make mistakes, will immediately change after being told without showing black face. Teacher Angeline said, since "Best Conduct Award" is higher than "Best Reader", they gave him the higher award (*_^).

What other awards the kindy has? They have:
@ Best Reader in Chinese
@ Best Reader in Bahasa
@ Best Reader in English
@ Best Improvement
@ Best Helper
@ Best Conduct
@ Star Student of the Year

Yes, "Star Student of the Year" is the highest award.

Each awarded kids were given a colourful kite, wish them fly high like a kite, hope their future will be as colourful as the kite....

Great Job, ISAAC... Mummy is proud of you (*_*)

This is the award Isaac got last year, from Little Light House Ampang.

Some small awards given in the class -- "Star Student of the Month and Super Character Champion.

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