Mar 22, 2010

Bento #160 - Tuna Tart

Again, I created my own recipe after the "Bread Sushi"(^_^), let me show you what so special about the tuna tart. Look at the pictures below, probably you can spot the distincttiveness. (".")

Let me open the clue (probably you already have the answer), I replaced the base with bread. Isn't it brilliant (hahaha), save time and less hassle to prepare the "skin" (shhhh... I don't know how to make the skin actually).

Some brief description how I prepare bento today:
1 :: Use cookie roller to flatten the bread.
2 :: Use round cookie cutter to cut two circles from the bread.
3 :: Place the bread in muffin tray.
4 :: Put some tuna (mix with some moyonaise and sweet corn) on the bread.
5 :: Top it with some cheese.
6 :: Bake in oven for ~5 minutes.

Here is the finally result - TUNA TART (*o*). Taste really nice! But if the bread is cruchy, it will taste even better. Maybe I need to toast the bread before adding tuna on it. Will try it out next time when I get a smaller muffin tray.


Lia Chen said...

Great idea! How about flat baking tray? Will do it or not? *wink back to cutie tuna tart* hehehe :)

~Rachel Hei~ said...

I love the idea, simple, nice and delicious. ^^

Lyn said...

Swee Ling, i love your idea so much!!! I wanna try this tonight...thanks :-)

~Rachel Hei~ said...


Vanessa said...

Sorry all for late reply... (-_-)

@Lia: Flat baking tray can also, but will not have the cup (mangkuk) effect. (*o^) <-- wink back to u... kekekekke

@Rachel: Thanks for your sweet comment... AND... 谢谢你的奖,会尽快到你家坐坐。

@Lyn: Thanks, you are most welcome to grab any idea from here. Enjoy !!


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