Mar 8, 2010

Bento #155 - Mr Clown

Ohh gosh!! I am too busy with work recently until have to sacrifice my lunch hour. I do not have internet at home, when want to online, I will go my brother's house, he has wireless installed at home. What a silly right, IT graduated but no internet connection at home. Yeah, so that I have excuses not (unable) to work at home and enjoy family time. Most of the time, I will pack food from home and do some blogging during lunch.

But recently I am too committed to my work, because the software is rushing for release. My lunch hour is used for software testing. Sign !!!! So don't be surprise to see my backdated post (^_^).

Hubby bought Isaac few DVDs last week and he has watched the 'Alvin and The Chipmunks II' during the weekend. When I asked him what I have fixed him for today bento, he told me 'chipmunk'... (n_n). Didn't it looks like clown? ** speechless **

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