Feb 9, 2010

Bento 144 - Tiger Paper Cut

I didn't prepare bento for Isaac yesterday as his appetite was not so good since Friday. He was recovering from diarrhoea, might probably caused by food poisoning.

Time flies, it's almost the time to say goodbye to Moo Moo cow and welcome Mr.Tiger. To show my respect to Tiger and welcome the Chinese New Year, I would like to prepare something related to this festival. Let me figure out what else I can fix other than tiger, but for today, still tiger, but is paper cut tiger (at least something different). I prepared the seaweed a night before, then placed it on a slice of ham this morning after toasting the ham in oven. I googled for tiger paper cut and finally chose this as it is the simplest. Unfortunately everyone (kids & teacher) couldn't figure out what is that (T_T)...

On the left is what I suppose to cut and on the right is what I have cut... If the seaweed is red, probably will have better effect.

1 comment:

serene said...

to me, it look more like Lilo the stitch than tiger ...akakkaka... Gong Xi Fa Cai !


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