Feb 24, 2010

Bento #148 - Mini Mickey Pizza

As we know, cheese is fattening, I want healthy but not fattening food, hence I have choosen this cheese, which is 60% less fat. Tell you what, the cheese taste terrible, it's just like eating plastic to me. How, should I throw it away? It's really a waste to send it to dusbin, but I really can't put it into my mouth. I admit I am not a cheese lover.....

I believe it will definately taste better if bake it. So I gave a try today to make a mini Mickey pizza.

Firstly, I prepared the ingredient needed. I cut the ham into star shape, cut some sausages into slices and cheese into small pieces.
Secondly, I cut the bread using into Mickey shape using Mickey cutter I brought from HK, then spreaded some spaghetti sauce on it.
Thirdly, I arranged the ham nicely on Mickey face, put two sausages on his head and spinkle some cheese on top of ham.
Fourthly, place it nicely on the tray and send it to oven. Monitor the "Pizza" so that it is not over toasted.
Lastly, packed it into bento box.....

Just as my expected, the "Pizza" taste really nice.... YUMMY !! I am so exicited, finally found a way get rid of this cheese (^o^).


~Rachel Hei~ said...

Why the cheese taste not nice? It doesn't have cheese taste due to low fat?
Love your idea of mickey pizza.. Looks adorable with hot dog ears.. haha

Vanessa said...

@Rachel: I believe it's due to "LOW FAT", somemore 60% less ('_'). So I learn a lesson, want to eat cheese, don't scare of fat... hehehhe


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