Sep 23, 2009

Bento #81 - Mr. Simpson

Looking at bento today, I have a kind of self satisfaction. I love this bento!

One day when I was folding clothes, Simpson on Isaac's t-shirt came into my eyes. I have sudden inspiration to fix Isaac a Simpson bento. I better fix this bento ASAP when I am still in high spirit.

I took out Isaac's Simpson shirt and drafted it out on a piece of paper, then make sure it can fit into one slice of cheese. Put a sheet of nori underneath the drawing, use a sharp knife and cut according to the line.

Place the nori on a slice of cheese, preferable orange colour cheese as Simpson should be in that colour. I did this a night before as it is time consuming. I wrapped the cheese and store it in the fridge in air tight container.

This morning, I cut the cheese by following the line. It is very much easier to cut cheese compare with nori. I used Shinkansen bento box as the bread cutter, so that the bread can fit nicely into the bento box.

I spreaded some fruit jam on the bread, then place Simpson on top of the bread. Eyes were cut from seapack. It looks plain, thus I added Simpson's name using light cheese.


Asther said...

Wow your bento really amazing, your sketching(drawing) skill really impressed me alot, i just wonder how did you manage to do the simpson's outline(black color).. i love the way you deco Isaac's bento..Ichiban!!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Asther.
Once I have Simpson sketched on a piece of paper, I bold the outlines. Then put a sheet of nori underneath the drawing, use a sharp knife and cut according to the lines.

Hope it helps.
Have FUN !!


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