Sep 8, 2009

Bento #74 - Bulldogs

I am so excited with my new tools -- "Quail Egg Multi Cutter", for sure you will see quail egg in bento today. This is my first time preparing quail egg for Isaac. I have quail egg mould, but already frozen (keep aside) it because the picture printed on the egg is not obvious, you need to get right size of quail egg to have better result.

I didn't manage to get carrot from nearby supermarket, thus, I substitu it with ham. I hard boild two quail eggs for 1st try (as usual, always give a try first... kekeke). I made a mice which has no whisker and the other one intent to make little chick, but mission failed as I cut the egg white too deeply. It has gone into my stomach then (@_^).

Only one quail egg for Isaac for sure it's not enough. I prepare two bulldogs. Can you see what is the difference between the first two bulldogs? Yes, different chin. Initially, I use light cheese as the base, then found out the two teeth is not obvious. Immediately I swapped the base with BBQ cheese.

Bulldog with light cheese as the base.

Is this bulldog looks better compare with the 1st one?

Isaac gave me a call before going to kindy. He asked why I didn't use the Shinkansen bento box. Ops.... thought he might have forgotten. I told him because I didn't pack fruits and it's too big for two the bulldogs and a mice. Luckily he agreed with my answer. ** phew**


~Rachel~ said...

These bulldogs are cute. It needs some effort to work on the quail egg, right?

Vanessa said...

Rachel, it doesn't need much effort to work out cute animals using the cutter. It's really fun!
But I think to make a "chick in eggshell", it needs some skill. So far I haven't successfully make that :P (功夫不到家)!!


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