Aug 21, 2008

Write your name

This mid-term holiday, kindergarten homework is to write your English name. Since is a one week holiday, I allowed you to finish it within 2 days. First day, it took me about 40 minutes to guide you and second day worst, took me about an hour.

Everytime when come to homework time, I will nag you for not writting nicely, not within the line, not tidy. Looking at your innocent face, mummy really feel bad for giving you such pressure, you are just an almost 4 years old kid and this is your first year in kindi. But I have no choice, why is teacher giving such difficult homework? At first, i don't really emphasize on good writting, but I found that it will soon become a habit. Please don't angry mummy for givng you such pressure, it would be better to train you from young rather than force you to change after you have get use of it.

Looking at your writting, I am actually quite satisfied. You write so well. Compare with your first few alphabert writting, can obviously see the improvement.

Well Done son... Keep it up... Mummy is proud of you... muuakkk...

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