Aug 11, 2008

Isaac & Music

April 2007, I registered Isaac to Music Kids Course at Ammonite Music Center Sri Petaling (Franchise of Yamaha Music). This is a course specially designed to make child's initial encounter with music education fun and enjoyable. It combines the dynamism of music with physical and mental activities to stimulater thier musical senses and prepare them for the varieties of music education ahead.

This is a nine months course, overall, I think the course is qutie fun. They have year end performance, let me share some photo with you...

Isaac further his music by joining Junior Music Course (JMC). From the age of 4, child's sense of hearing, finger muscles and vocal cords develop most rapidly. This course main objective is to develop fundamental musical ability by learning to sing with do-re-mi and with lyrics, and to play on keyboard instruments. Emphasis is placed on listening because aural ability develops fastest in this period.

Like MusicKids, JMC offers group education and parental participation - the most ideal style of learning for young children. Child cultivates a sprit of co-operation, harmony and a sense of discipline, while enjoying a musical experiences with friends.

Some parent might think it is quite troublesome as you need to spend an hour with the child on those notes which you also not familiar. I quite enjoy this, as it also beneficial to me, at least i know some basic of music, I know whether Isaac is playing correctly... hehe... pay for one, but two person learn, why not right?

Each book takes 6 months to complete. Isaac is now in book (2). Every six month (end of a book), they will have a mini performance & party. This round, he has sole playing with song - Going on a Picnic.

An incident happened during the performance, which I must share with you. As usual, teacher asked all children stand around the piano, she started playing and children sang according to the note. Excellent job, they can sing so well. Teacher then asked parent to sing. Believe or not, none of the parent can sing, all the notes like giving same sound. We attended the class together, but why we cannot sing? This is because our hearing is not as sharp as children at this stage.... kekeke...

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