Dec 20, 2010

~~ Isaac's Long Hair ~~

Monday, 20th December 2010

I am counting down... 9 more days from now, Isaac need to cut his hair short before going to standard 1. I agree that student should have student look (short hair), but I just feel it's pity to cut away his long hair. I always like Isaac with long hair, he looks cool with long hair (~.~)

But his long hair always bring him trouble. Each time he met with people for the first time, they will think he is "she". I asked him, "Do you like your long hair, if you don't like people say you look like a girl, I bring you to saloon". Surprisingly his answer was "Don't care about what people say, as long as I like my hair and I think it's cool will do". I said, "Well, tell me anytime when you think you no longer like your hair"....

How Isaac's look will be with short hair? I also don't know. I have picked a good date to cut his hair, which is 28th this month, before going for Primary 1 Orientation. Let's fold our arms.....

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Tiffany Yang said...

I'm sure he will look cute with short hair ^,^
Merry Christmas


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