Nov 19, 2010

~ ~ Goodbye, Teachers and Friends ~ ~

Friday, 19th November 2010
People said, goodbye isn't painful unless you're never going to say hello again. But to me, it always causes sick of heart. Part from teachers and friends who you learn and play with is always a sad thing. Again people used to say, "We only part to meet again". However, when you meet again, will the relationship still as close as before? Will you still have topic to talk about other than HELLO?

Today is Isaac's last day in kindergarten and they have a party at school. Thought want to buy some bread or cakes from bakery shop, but seems like lack genuine. So I created my own recipe - "Mini Chicken Floss Tart".

I woke up at 5am this morning and it took me about 2 hours to get the food done. When reached school, I saw a parent brought McD for the kids (not Isaac's classmate, so the McD not for him). Wau!! I told hubby and Isaac, will my food looks lousy and I don't know whether the kids will like it or not. Thank God, Isaac said "Mummy, your one more special", then only I felt half relief.

Tools and ingredient for this recipe:

~ Bread ~
~ Chicken Floss ~
~ Cheese / Mayonnaise ~
~ Star / Round / Flower Shape Cutter ~
~ Mini Paper Cup (Optional) ~
~ Mini Muffin Tray ~
~ Rolling Pin ~

1 & 2. Cut the bread into shapes using cutter. You can use more than one shape, but my case, I only use star cutter.
3. Put a mini paper cup in the muffin tray, put the bread on it.

4. Use rolling pin, press in the center of the bread.
5. Then you get a nice hole in the middle.
6. Put in the oven and toast until it turns brown.

7. The bread after toast will serve as mini cup.
8. Fill the cup with chicken floss. You can use tuna or anything else.
9. All cups are filled with chicken floss.

10. Top with small slice of cheese or mayonnaise, then send it to oven again for approximately 2 minutes.
11. Leave it at room temperature.
12. Cute mini chicken floss tart is ready to be served.

~ ~ END ~ ~

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and for kids, Happy Holiday....


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Kaima said...

Totally awesome! Well done! Very impressed.

Emily Ng said... yummy and special. Thanks for sharing the idea. :)

KidsDreamWork said...

I'll opt this than McD too! McD I can get it anywhere, but this is a homemade with love! :D

Tiffany Yang said...

what a wonderful idea! I have to "borrow" it! Thanks for sharing :D


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