Oct 12, 2010

~ ~ Isaac has Graduated ~ ~

Tuesday, 12th October 2010
Saturday (09-10-2010), a long waited day has finally come. This is a special day not only for Isaac but also husband and myself. Without me telling, by looking above picture, you roughly can guess it's Graduation Day. Yup, it's so unbelievable, time flies and my boy is going to primary school next year.

Of course I am happy and proud to see Isaac wearing graduation gown. Actually nothing to be proud of, every kid will certainly graduate from kindergarten, but as a mummy, I just can't tell why, the moment I saw him standing on the stage will scroll in his hand, I feel like crying. The little boy in my heart has grown up, he is moving to another stage of academic career and life soon.

It's just so hard to understand, I feel proud in this second but sad on the other second. Kindergarten to me it's kids paradise: no stress, fun learning and fun playing. Every moment is so enjoyable. Primary school is totally different to me and heavy workload is what I concern most. However, I told meself, why not treat this as a golden time to steel Isaac and cultivate his talents. Pressure most of the time come from parents, always have positive thinking and I believe spend more time with kids on thier homework and go along with them in their learning path, it will certainly makes learning more fun.

Last year, Isaac was awarded as Best Conduct, I was extremly happy for that. This year, Isaac was chosen as Student of the Year. Needless to say, my gladness was until the maximum. When teacher announced this honour, I have a feeling of immeasurable joy in mind. That moment, I just feel like crying.... Thank You Teacher for giving Isaac this award, it's his pleasure to receive it.

These are the awards given every year for each class:
@ Best Reader in Chinese
@ Best Reader in Bahasa
@ Best Reader in English
@ Best Improvement
@ Best Helper
@ Best Conduct
@ Star Student of the Year

Boy, you did it !! Keep up the good work !!

PowerKids all rights reserved autograph album

All graduate kids got this specially designed autograph album. It's a priceless treasure for them. All memories are enshrined in this album, their classmates and teachers.

Photos took with Teacher Soo San, hubby, myself and Isaac's cousin

I value this award very much, it is nicely placed on Isaac's piano


Lia Chen said...

Vanessa, congrats for Isaac's graduation! You must be a very proud mom now. Wish all the best for your boy :)

serene said...

Congratulatons !! Issac really a big boy now ...time really flies !

~Rachel Hei~ said...

Congrats to Isaac for the graduation and those awards winning! Good job for daddy, mummy and teachers too. ^^

kel said...

Congratulation Vanessa, u r not alone, I had the same feeling too when my girl graduated from kiddy last year :p U did well on raising a 'student of the year' :)

Vanessa said...

@Lia, thank you. Bring up a kid is a big knowledge, I am still learning. Will have to learn from you too, you did a good job too (^.^)

Vanessa said...

@Serene, at the same time I am getting older... (u_u)

Vanessa said...

@Rachel, hmm, I think have to thanks my sister for guiding Isaac's homework... kekeke

Vanessa said...

@Kel's, I am happy to hear that I am not alone (~.~) We have such strong feeling could it because we have less kids?

Thanks for leaving your comment (^.^)

Marissa said...

Sweetie, I am truly proud of Isaac not just him, also proud of you. You see, they said that the best kids comes with the great effort that gave by great parent.

I think what they said is correct. Congratulation!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Little Isaac and the proud parents! This includes the Kai-ma.

*Bow Bow* Thank you Thank you!

Angeleyes said...

Congrats to Issac!!!
You must be so proud of him~!


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